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BPC-157: The Body Protective Compound Your Wellness Regime Needs

Scientists are constantly working on various compounds to optimize human health. While they often find hopeful links and correlations, it’s ...
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4 Major Benefits of Supplementing With Noopept

If you’ve explored the world of nootropics and smart drugs, you might have come across Noopept. Noopept is a dipeptide ...
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What is Noopept?

Everything You Need to Know about Noopept Noopept is a nootropic with peptide origins that belongs to the racetam group. ...
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KIYA Longevity Naturopathic Telemedicine For Nootropic/Peptide Therapy Launched

KIYA Longevity expanded its telehealth consulting services to provide naturopathic healthcare solutions for chronic conditions. They offer testing, virtual appointments ...
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Let’s talk about brain power

We all know what it’s like to be working on a task and slowly start to lose drive and concentration. ...
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good night sleep

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep!

It’s no secret that sleep plays a vital role in our overall well-being but it can be hard to fall ...
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Welcome to KIYA Longevity

Welcome to KIYA Longevity, a virtual wellness consulting firm where you can unlock endless potential with our programs that are ...
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Moon's impact the human body

The Moon’s impact the human body

By Brian Rose The belief that the moon influences human health and sickness has been a time-tested one, lasting throughout ...
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How Laughter Can Heal the Body!

How Laughter Can Heal the Body! By Brian Rose Introduction You might have heard that smile is contagious or an ...
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A Quick Guide on Important Health Benefits of Peptides

By Brian Rose Benefits of Peptides: As the world has been improving itself there are so many new techniques which ...
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Biohacking Supplement

Biohacking Supplement are Nutraceuticals Miracle Drugs?

By Brian James Rose Biohacking Supplement. Many consumers question the efficacy of nutraceuticals, while others call them miracle drugs. At ...
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Biohacking Sleep

Biohacking Sleep how to get more sleep! By Brian James Rose Both young and old rely on sleep aids. However, a 2013 CDC report shows that ...
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Premium Sleep Promoting Supplements

Premium Sleep Promoting Supplements Sleep is vital for memory function. The brain clears out harmful toxins when you sleep, a ...
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By Brian James Rose Our supplements can absolutely help you look younger, there is no questioning that. But to look ...
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Biohacking Nootropics

Biohacking Nootropics “Smart Drugs”

Biohacking Nootropics are natural and synthetic compounds that facilitate cerebral circulation, memory retention, and enhanced concentration. They are sometimes called ...
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benefits of blood donation

The health benefits of blood donation!

Benefits of blood donation By Brian James Rose Hemorheology, in simpler terms, is the science involved in studying the blood ...
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The Biohacking Secret to Losing Weight!

By Brian James Rose The secret to losing weight“You may not know this yet, but you have the ability to ...
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The Path to Longevity!

I. Can fasting slow down the process of aging? Have you ever wondered if you could pause your life in your ...
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By Brian James Rose Increasing BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor) with Bacteroidesfragilis Technologies and the combination of Fiber, Prebiotics, Probiotics and Bacteria-Friendly ...
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There has been a lot of scientific research done about viral infections and diseases for many decades. Even though each ...
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