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Who are the Experts in the Peptide industry?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids – the same building blocks that create proteins. But their smaller size gives them a unique advantage: they may be easier for your body to absorb and utilize, making their therapeutic potential exciting.

Research suggests these bioactive peptides could offer benefits like:

  • Managing high blood pressure
  • Fighting harmful microbes
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Preventing blood clots
  • Boosting your immune function
  • Acting as antioxidants for cellular health

Meet the Experts Shaping the Future of Peptide Therapeutics

Ready to dive deeper into the exciting world of peptide therapeutics? Here are some pioneers leading the charge:

  • Dr. Jean Francois Tremblay: Explore his insights on peptide drug development and emerging discoveries.
  • Dr. Daniel Stickler: Learn about his work on cell-penetrating peptides and their potential for targeted therapies.
  • Dr. Lucas Aoun: Discover his research on peptide-based strategies for various health conditions.
  • Dr. Amber Krogsrud: Gain knowledge about her focus on peptides in clinical development.
  • Dr. Kent Holtorf: Understand his perspectives on the use of peptides in clinical trials.

What to Expect in the Full Reviews

Click on each expert’s profile to discover a wealth of information on:

  • Current peptide research
  • Challenges and advancements in peptide synthesis
  • Natural peptides vs. synthetic peptides
  • The future of peptide drugs and their role in personalized medicine

Get ready to explore the cutting-edge world of peptide therapeutics with these leading experts!

1. Jean-François Tremblay

When it comes to performance-enhancing drugs, SARMs (specific androgen receptor modulators), and bio-regulatory and mending peptides, Jean Francois Tremblay is among the world’s foremost experts. Jean Francois Tremblay, a professor at UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal), discusses the benefits of peptides, SARMs, and Myostatin inhibitors for improving athletic performance, speeding up recovery time between workouts, slowing the aging process, and maintaining overall health with Ben. CanLab is a research facility in Canada operated by Jean-François, who is widely recognized as one of the world’s best specialists in peptides and peptide treatment. Again, just generally considered the best of the best when it comes to expertise on this subject. [4] Figure 1.


Figure. 1 Jean Francois Tremblay


Jean-François Tremblay went to school for biochemistry, pharmacy, and exercise physiology. He is now pursuing his doctorate at UQAM. Since the 1990s, he’s been studying peptides and SARMS (both theoretically and experimentally), and in the next months, he plans to make it his primary area of study. He’ll give a theoretical overview of what they are and how they might improve athletic performance, anti-aging efforts, and overall health. [1] Figure 2.


Figure 2. UQAM University

Peptides discussed by Jean-François Tremblay

Regarding therapeutic peptides, Jean-Francois reveals two pieces of information. One, they are molecules that our body makes, making them natural just like anything else we generate, and in certain cases, they are really derived from food, from meat, from proteins, basically, and this is what gets me to their descriptions. Peptides are the functional molecules that nearly always remain after a protein has been broken down. When digested, the protein in meat is cleaved into shorter chains of amino acids called peptides. When broken down, even more, it can be absorbed in the form of amino acids. Peptides are chains of amino acids that humans create but which often do not undergo digestion and hence persist in the body for an extended period of time. Biological consequences in the body are a result of this chain structure. [2]

Episode 54: New Peptide for Immune Support, Synthetic Bioregulator Update & More with Jean-Francois Tremblay from CanLab Research

In this episode, Nathalie and Jean-François Tremblay discuss LL37, a potent antibacterial peptide that the human body produces on its own. The researchers then go on to a novel hybrid peptide that combines Thymosin Alpha 1 and LL37 in an effort to lessen the cytotoxicity of LL37 (Figure. 3). Finally, they address a widespread misunderstanding concerning the recommended dosage for CanLab’s synthetic versions of bioregulator peptides. The price of bioregulators has dropped dramatically, which is great news. [3]


Figure 3. LL37 peptide

Latest episode of Jean Francois Tremblay

Biohacking Superhuman Performance with Hybrid Peptides, Recent Peptide Research, and Bioregulators, Episode 102, Jun 28, 2022

Canadian researcher Jean-Francois Tremblay elaborates on the role of peptides as bioregulators. Bioregulator peptides like epilation and thymalin, as well as the TA1/LL-37 hybrid, are discussed, as are GLP-1 agonists and TA1, LL-37, TB4, and GLP-1 agonists. He went through dosage guidelines and discussed a brand-new peptide. Visit for more information on Can Lab and enter the discount code OSP15 at checkout to receive 15% off your order.

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Jean-François Tremblay of CanLab discusses BPC157 (a peptide effective for the body, brain, and intestines): Complete Information about BPC 157 and Its Use for Health, Muscle Growth, and Anti-Aging

Jean-Francois Tremblay, the proprietor of CanLab in Montreal, Quebec, and a specialist in anti-aging techniques, is a frequent participant. In this episode, we explore BPC 157, a remarkable peptide that has been shown to have beneficial effects on almost every major bodily system. Figure 4.

BPC 157

Figure 4. BPC 157 structure

BPC 157 can aid in a wide variety of human healing processes, including gut healing, wound healing, muscle, ligament, bone, and tendon repair, to name a few. In addition to assisting with blood pressure regulation, improving brain health, and easing alcohol withdrawal, it has many other potential benefits as well. Although no one peptide can handle everything by itself, BPC 157 may be the closest of the bunch. It’s one of the few peptides that, under the right circumstances, may have effects before people make any noticeable alterations to their lifestyle. We still have a lot to learn, but in this episode, we take some time to explore what we already know about BPC 157. At the moment, the majority of the published research on BPC 157 is animal studies, but we are progressively seeing a rise in human studies. [6]

Dr. Tremblay has extensive training in exercise physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology. He has been conducting research on peptides and SARMs (both theoretically and practically) since the 1990s, although he now focuses mostly on peptides. His knowledge of peptides and SARMs, and how they might be used to improve athletic performance, anti-aging, and overall health, is extensive.

It is not always necessary to “cycle” peptides between uses. BPC-157’s aftereffect typically disappears after 6 hours. Although TB-500’s effects linger for up to a week and a half, the drug is completely eliminated from the body in about 12 hours.

Peptides that slow the aging process are highly recommended

  • Epitalon
  • When compared to peptides like BPC-157, the results take a little longer to kick in.
  • MOTS-c
  • Humanin

Peptides for Weight loss

  • Peptides for weight reduction do not come in a single, convenient tablet form.
  • Focus on the simple things first, like your food, workout routine, etc.
  • Tesamorelin
  • No-DAC CJC-1295 (ModGRF 1-29)

Using Peptides to Build Muscle

  • A complete lack of everything that may be used in a non-competitive manner demands perseverance and self-control yet yields just modest gains at best

The Peptide Regime of Jean-François

  • Epitalon
  • DSIP (affects the delta phase of sleep only)
  • TB-500 (once a month)
  • BPC-157 (once every couple of months)
  • Two times yearly thymus (timalin or vilon) (save 10% with promo code BEN10).
  • Occasional Semax [7]

Lucas Aoun

Australian-born naturopathic physician Lucas Aoun hails from the city of Melbourne. He is a man of many talents and an innovator in the scientific community. He is deeply committed to holistic health and well-being improvement. Bio-individuality, ancient knowledge, and cutting-edge research all have their places, and Lucas knows this. He is an expert in enhancing cognitive performance, athletic prowess, gastrointestinal wellness, hormonal stability, and overall health and vigor. [8] Figure 5.


          Figure 5. Lucas Aoun

Biohacker and researcher Lucas Aoun is interested in optimizing human potential and health. His educational background is in Exercise Science, and he has experience as a professional soccer player and as a specialist on nootropics. He has lofty goals, and one of them is to disseminate hitherto undisclosed knowledge about health issues that would tremendously benefit humanity. His life’s work is dedicated to making others happier and more successful.

His motivation comes from hearing how his clients feel he has helped them. He is determined to arm the public with the information it needs to take charge of its health. [6]

CEO and Founder

Ergogenic Health 


  • BrainX
  • As of Right Now, October 2019, 2 years and 11 months
  • (Australia)

He says about the product:

“I’m over the moon that I finally got to release my dream product. An advanced brain booster that lifts your spirits, energizes you, and sharpens your concentration”


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) from the Southern School of Natural Therapies Figure 6.

Figure 6. The Southern School of Natural Therapies

  • Bachelor of Exercise Science and Business Administration from Australian Catholic University[13]. Figure 7.

                                           Figure 7.  The Catholic University of Australia

Podcasts Concerning Mental Health

Some of us may start to feel less sharp as we get older, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Many people are figuring this out, and their cognitive abilities actually improve as they become older. The last three years have seen a surge of interest in the issue of brain health and performance as a result of the ever-increasing demands placed on people’s brains by modern society.

There has been a lot of interest in recent years in the development of methods to improve one’s cognitive abilities. Our guests and I talk about some of the basics of health that must be in place before one can have a bright mind. We also discuss the importance of maintaining a healthy brain, as well as some of the greatest practices that have been shown to improve cognitive function.

Ben discusses the beliefs and misunderstandings that are holding people back from reaching their health potential with naturopath Lucas Aoun, and the steps necessary to achieve your greatest health to date. Ben and Lucas discuss the most well-known nootropics (cognitive enhancers) and several you may not be familiar with. [9]

Boost Your Biology with Lucas Aoun

Lucas, the company’s creator, is a rising star in the fields of biohacking, nootropics, and performance enhancement. In the premiere episode of Boost Your Biology, he shares his whole life story, from helping out at his dad’s pharmacy to starting his own successful health and wellness company.

Lucas talks about his upbringing, his ideals, his motivations, and the situations that set him behind at one point but gave him more ambition and discipline than the ordinary cat in order to get where he is today.

Listen to the Boost Your Biology podcast and discover about Lucas’s thought process and the kinds of information he believes you’ll find there. [14] Figure 8.

Who are the Experts in the Peptide industry? 17

Figure 8. Boost your Biology

Biohacking Adrenal Fatigue: A Conversation with Lucas Aoun

In this context, the term “nootropics” is used to describe any substance, natural or manufactured, that can enhance cognitive performance. In this way, it is possible that this chemical enhances all facets of cognitive function. But there is a great deal we know about caffeine’s effects on the mind. We know, if you know your stuff, exactly which g-protein coupled receptors it activates and triggers when it attaches to them. As a matter of fact, caffeine is a nootropic. There are, however, alternative nootropics that can provide a similar boost in energy and alertness without the negative effects of caffeine, such as elevated blood pressure, increased cortisol production, and the peptide development of a tolerance to the drug. [15]

Publications and Articles

  1. Interview with Lucas Aoun on Neurotransmitters, Nootropics, and Hormone Biohacking – Episode 38 Health Initiative • February 14, 2021 [10]
  2. Aversion to Pleasure, a Simple Method for Losing Weight, and Piracetam, an Antiquated Nootropic Author: LUCAS AOUN October 8, 2020 [11]
  3. Low testosterone levels: a worldwide epidemic by Lucas Aoun Apr 26, 2020
  4. Increase the ‘High’ you feel from working out as written by Lucas Aoun Sept 3, 2019
  5. Does increasing serotonin levels make sense for you? 5. Author: Lucas Aoun Aug 31, 2019 [12]

Dr. Daniel Stickler

Dr. Daniel Stickler is a futurist and evolutionary thought leader focused on human potential. He is the Apeiron Academy’s Chief Science Officer and the Apeiron Center for Human Potential’s Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer. He is a pioneer in the field of systems-based precision performance medicine, a new paradigm that transforms medicine’s focus from treating individual symptoms to reaching peak performance in all aspects of life. Along with his work as a physician, he is an author, speaker, writer, and podcaster for high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs who want to enhance their lives. Figure 9.


Figure 9. Dr. Daniel Stickler

He is the Medical Director of the Neurohacker Collective, a Google consultant on healthcare AI, wearable tech, and epigenetics, and a guest lecturer at Stanford University on the topic of epigenetics in clinical practice. In 2008, a new world became visible through the study of genetics and epigenetics, and the author’s near-obsessive fascination with the possibilities for personalized human systems design led him to the conclusion that we, as individuals, have the power to shape our own destinies and become the architects of our own evolution. [16]

As a writer, lecturer, and medical pioneer, Dr. Daniel Stickler has made important contributions to the subject of human optimization. As a vascular surgeon, he realized that treating symptoms as they emerged wasn’t the greatest plan for long-term health and decided to change his emphasis to preventative treatment. He is presently focusing his efforts on discovering and creating strategies for improving health through epigenetics and lifestyle changes. He is the Medical Director for the Neurohacker Collective, a Google Consultant on epigenetics, wearables, and AI in healthcare, and a guest lecturer at Stanford University on Epigenetics in Clinical Practice, in addition to his work at the Apeiron Center, which focuses on longevity, epigenetics, and lifestyle optimization. [17]

The Neurohacker Collective Insights podcast

Daniel Stickler, a future-focused visionary and thought leader, author, lecturer, blogger, and podcaster, is joined by guest host Dr. Beau Lotto to discuss the neuroscience of perception and how the results regarding perception may be applied to every aspect of our life.

The Neurohacker Collective’s Insights podcast is marketed as a trip through cutting-edge science and technology that are changing people’s lives. Dr. Lotto and Daniel Stickler explored some of the timeless issues that the greatest minds have grappled with for millennia. Do you see the world as it really is when you open your eyes? Isn’t what you’re seeing exactly what it is? The following topics were covered:

  • The function of assumptions in constructing our worldviews and how we might confront those that don’t serve us.
  • Discover why denying reality is essential for prospering in times of change and struggle.
  • Techniques for modifying our perspective by changing how we look at things [9].

He has been a doctor for about two decades, having graduated from West Virginia University Medical School. Figure 10.


Figure 10. Charleston


General Surgery

During surgical procedures, doctors frequently remove damaged or diseased tissue. General surgeons are experts in abdominal organs including the digestive tract. Vascular surgeons, neurological surgeons, thoracic surgeons, aesthetic surgeons, colon and rectal surgeons, hand surgeons, and orthopedic surgeons are just a few of the many distinct types of surgeons who specialize in different areas of the body. [18]


  • Wilderness Medicine First Responder Training, 2011
  • Cenegenics Medical Education (2005)
  • In 1994, I interned at the Charleston Area Medical Center.
  • West Virginia University Medical School, 1993
  • West Virginia University School of Medicine, Class of 1993, Medical Degree
  • University of Pittsburgh, Undergraduate Class of 1989
  • University of Pittsburgh Main Campus, Undergraduate Class of 1989 [19]

Documentation of Authority (Certifications, Licenses, etc.)

  • West Virginia Medical Practice License, Current till 2021.
  • Physician Licensure in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It was in use until 2002.
  • A Medical License in North Carolina, It will be operational till 2022.
  • Medical Practice Certification from the State of Texas, Operating till 2023.
  • Medical License in the State of Florida, Existing until the year 2024 [19]

Dr. Daniel Stickler talks about Health, Longevity, and Human Performance

Dr. Daniel Stickler the Apeiron Academy’s Chief Science Officer, and Chief Medical Officer of The Apeiron Center for Human Potential, was the first to speak to the audience. During his presentation, Dr. Stickler highlighted the Dutch Famine as an example of how epigenetics may be applied to real-world situations, such as the Nazis punishing the Netherlands at the end of WWII by cutting off food supplies for wanting to help the Allies. According to studies, the famine had an influence on the unborn children of pregnant women at the time.

Their bodies, it turns out, had retained memories of their prenatal experiences, and were prepared for the worst. Even if the Dutch food situation improved, the adult population became somewhat heavier than normal, with higher rates of obesity, diabetes, and schizophrenia. In essence, “epigenetics may be used to explain everything other than DNA sequence that affects an organism’s development.” [21] Instead of treating symptoms in isolation, the Apeiron Center for Human Potential Medicine uses epigenetics to develop a bio-individualized method to help patients attain new levels of human potential. [22]

Dr. Daniel Stickler works at Age Management Group.

He is an adjunct professor at Stanford University and a member of the Age Management Medical Group’s faculty. He’s here today to talk about TruDiagnostic, the firm for which he serves on the board of directors as a representative. TruDiagnostic’s TruAge assesses 900,000 CpG sites in our DNA for methylation status in order to measure your rate of biological aging. [23]

Dr. Daniel Stickler has improved human potential.

Dr. Stickler trains healthcare practitioners from across the world on how to analyze genomic data in order to maximize human potential, and he is regarded as an expert on the application of genetics and epigenetics in clinical practice. Dr. Stickler creates customized solutions for optimizing each client’s human potential using genetics, quality of life concerns, and the seven pillars of health. Dr. Stickler is the Director of Neurohacker Collective as well as the Chief Medical Officer.

Epigenetics for Potential Enhancement

Epigenetics, the study of how organisms develop and evolve, focuses on changes in gene expression rather than changes in the genetic code itself. In this introductory essay, we will discuss the basics of epigenetics, such as what it is, how it works, and how changes in one’s lifestyle may influence one’s epigenome. [20] Figure 11

Epigenetics 1

                                                           Figure 11. Epigenetics

The first step toward personalized health care is a DNA study. The test findings can be used to drive changes in one’s lifestyle that will eventually influence one’s epigenome. Every year, around ten thousand scientific publications on the topic of epigenetics are published.

Changes in one’s lifestyle that affect one’s epigenome:

  • Your destiny is not encoded in your DNA.
  • By changing your lifestyle, you can change the way your genes are expressed.

 Here are some examples of how a change in lifestyle has led in an epigenetic shift:

  • Consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids has been proven to influence hundreds of genes.
  • Regular exercise alters the expression of almost 7,000 genes.
  • Meditation reduces inflammation by suppressing the production of pro-inflammatory genes. [24] Figure 12.
Who are the Experts in the Peptide industry? 18

Figure 12. Epigenetics process

4. Dr. Amber Krogsrud

Amber works as a Licensed Naturopathic and as the Medical Director for KIYA Longevity. She likes to play the guitar and sing, lift weights, make healthy food, go swimming at the beach, and spend time with her family and friends.                                                                                     

She has learned a lot about regenerative medicine, detoxification procedures, hormone analysis, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapy, and giving intravenous nutrition. She treats people with bioidentical hormones and peptides. Dr. Amber is a member of the International Peptide Society and is certified in peptide treatment by the American Academy of Anti-Aging (IPS). [25] Figure 13.


Figure 13. Dr. Amber Krogsrud

Competence at work and a professional history

She went to North Dakota State University (NDSU) in Fargo and got a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry. Before she went to college, she worked at a chiropractic clinic, where she found her calling in natural medicine. She became interested in nutrition and started a career that encouraged people to eat well for good health. Dr. Amber went to Bastyr University in San Diego, California, (Figure 14) for four years to study medicine, which was something she was interested in. As a clinical student at BUC, Dr. Amber did an internship at a Seattle clinic called Alternative Health Access Campaign (AHAC), whose goal is to help homeless and at-risk people with naturopathic care. When she was a medical student, Dr. Amber won the prestigious Bragg’s Foundation Scholarship and was chosen to be the professional development chair for the Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA).


Figure 14. Bastyr University

Since 2017, Dr. Amber has been a part of MindShare, a well-known business network in San Diego that was started by JJ Virgin. She also works at Bastyr University as a Professional TA, where she teaches students about IV treatment. In addition to her other interests, she is very excited about coming up with new ways to make medicines. So, Dr. Amber is the Chief Science Officer (CSO) and medical advisor for Culture for Good, a company that makes high-quality CBD products with peptide therapeutic doses that can be applied to the skin or taken by mouth. She gives advice on how to use CBD, with a focus on the right amount for therapeutic use. [26]

Dr. Amber Krogsrud talks about how to treat diseases.

Dr. Amber uses a new method that is tailored to each patient to help them. She looks at the whole person, not just their symptoms or diagnosis. When things are just right, the body can heal itself. Dr. Amber uses naturopathic treatments like nutritional counseling, specific supplements, cleansing, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, intramuscular injections, and intravenous (IV) therapy to help people stay healthy. Men and women of all ages are welcome to stop by her office. Dr. Amber likes to share what she knows with her patients, so she takes the time to explain her diagnosis and possible treatments in detail. She is good at helping people with anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), skin diseases, migraine headaches, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, and allergies. Peptide therapy is now the norm in the medical field. Peptides are used to help the cells that are deep in your body. Chains of amino acid make up peptides. [27]


  • Naturopathic Doctor 
  • Brain Health
  • Anti-aging Medicine
  • Nutraceutical product development
  • Peptide Therapy
  • Preventative Medicine
  • Functional Medicine
  • Online Summits
  • Nutrition
  •  IV Therapy
  • Leadership
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Targeted Supplementation
  •  Digital Marketing
  •  Medical Protocols [28]

Dr. Amber uses a holistic approach and Peptides to treat people

Dr. Amber talks about the peptides. She talks about how mitochondria can be helped at the cellular level, the physical level (through food and exercise), and the external level (with help from the outside). Amber tells you how to change your diet so you can reach your health goals. She says that fasting, or fasting for short periods of time, is one of the healthiest ways to eat. Amber uses a red light to speed up the work of the mitochondria. Also, the red light she uses makes hair grow faster and fixes damaged collagen. The last piece of the puzzle is the supplements you can take to help your mitochondria. Amber loves the coenzyme NAD, which is made by the body itself (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide). She talks about how you can use NAD to improve your health.

How to Use Peptides to Improve Your Health

Peptides are natural biological molecules that are found in all living things and play an important role in all biological processes. Collagen strands are long chains of unnatural amino acids that are needed for almost every function in the body. Amber talks about the many peptides that our bodies make and use to work properly. Some peptides are usually found in higher amounts in animal products, so vegans and vegetarians may need to take extra steps to make sure they get enough of these nutrients.

CoQ10 is a peptide that helps the cells in your body make energy. Researchers found that its levels are lower in women with breast cancer, which is interesting. Amber talks about how the discoveries have changed her clinical work and how important they are. In general, peptides are a great way to make your health better. They help you lose extra weight, boost collagen levels, and keep your hair and skin in good shape. Amber says that there is a peptide for that, which is true. The average person can use peptides to make their bodies make more of a certain substance. [29]

Peptides to support your Health

Maintain cellular homeostasis by controlling conditions inside the cell.

Peptides are a type of natural signaling molecule that can be broken down into smaller parts like amino acid sequences and peptide chains.

Makes copies of signaling molecules, neurotransmitters, hormones, and enzymes that are already in the body.

Improve Chronic Disease Parameters

We use peptides to encourage healthy cell signaling because we know that keeping cells healthy is a key part of preventing disease.

Using peptides to change how signals are sent in neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, autoimmune dysfunction, and other conditions.

How peptides affect how genes talk to each other

Peptides have been around for a long time, but it’s new that we can store them in our bodies and tell them to make themselves in certain cells.

We can figure out how cells move forward, change them by isolating the parts that don’t work, and then use a peptide to speed them up.

Health span improvement and living longer

There are many ways for cells to sense danger (infection, environmental stressors, etc.)

The natural up-regulation of cellular autophagy or directed cell senescence, both of which are controlled by specific peptides, can slow the aging process.

Podcasts Quotable Hormones

Recent lab tests show that both men and women have more estrogen and testosterone than they used to. This is a big difference. Men should get a test for total testosterone (other tests are discussed in the podcast).

Men as young as in their 20s and 30s are seeing their testosterone levels drop to the low 200s and low 300s. This drop has been linked to exposure to environmental toxins like the glyphosate in Roundup Pesticide.

Self-care is often brought up in conversations about women, but men should not be forgotten. Taking the time to relax with things like yoga, walking, and swimming can help with stress, cortisol, and testosterone levels.  Amber, Ph.D. [32]

Holistic approach

Dr. Amber explains why hormones are so important and how to fix them without using artificial hormones or other drugs that could be dangerous. Here’s why statins are so bad for your hormones and what you can do about it if you or someone you care about is taking one. Men as young as 23 are starting to feel the effects of the epidemic of low testosterone, and what can be done about it. Just knowing how important it is to stay away from xenoestrogens by eating organic foods and using natural cosmetics. [32]


  • Dr. Amber Krogsrud talks about how peptide therapy can be used to help athletes recover and improve their performance. [30]
  • Here are the top five reasons why you should use CBD oil to fight insomnia. The 25th of January 2019.
  • The importance of setting in terms of being able to learn and get good at something. 23 Jan 2016
  • Aim for the gold, food is medicine, be creative, and think outside the box. The latest issue of Healthy Entrepreneur.[31]

5.Dr. Kent Holtorf

Dr. Kent Holtorf founded and serves as medical director of Holtorf Medical Group, as well as president and chief executive officer of Holtorf Medical Group Affiliate Centers, a nationwide network of physicians specializing in evidence-based therapies for difficult-to-treat or poorly understood diseases. When it comes to treating hypothyroidism, complicated endocrine dysfunction, chronic tiredness, fibromyalgia, and chronic infectious disorders like Lyme disease and chronic viral infections, he is among the top medical minds in the world. He has spent years searching the medical literature for new and effective treatments, and today he enthusiastically instructs doctors all around the country to use these methods. He is the guest editor and peer reviewer for several medical publications, including Endocrine, and the author of several peer-reviewed endocrine reviews. Figure 15.


Figure 15. Dr. Kent Holtorf

Dr. Holtorf developed the National Academy of Hypothyroidism to provide doctors and patients with the most recent information on the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism. He is committed to educating people so that they may make informed decisions about their health. He is the Endocrinology Expert and is frequently consulted by prominent media outlets. He has made it his mission to create facilities around the United States, train doctors, and enhance patient care via the development of new treatments and treatment regimens. [33]

Lyme disease

Dr. Holtorf has had a special interest in Lyme disease and related conditions for over 15 years, and the centers run by his medical practice reflect that interest. Dr. Holtorf has been a guest on a wide variety of radio and television programs, including those hosted by CNBC, ABC News, CNN, EXTRA TV, Discovery Health, The Learning Channel, The Today Show, The Doctors, Dr. Dean Edell, CBS News, RT News, Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace, Fox Business, ESPN, Rush Limbaugh, CBS Sunday Morning, Sean Hannity, and So Cal News. The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, US News & World Report, the San Francisco Chronicle (first page), WebMD, Health, Elle, Better Homes & Garden, US Weekly, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, the New York Daily News, and Self magazine are just a few of the publications that have featured his quotes. [34]


Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Diabetes

Endocrinologists diagnose and treat conditions affecting the glands that produce hormones. Disorders of the pituitary gland, menstrual dysfunction, and sexual dysfunction are among these conditions. [35]

Great Achievements:

  • Developed and taught at a nationwide network of clinics specializing in chronic, complicated diseases
  • Supporter of The Bioidentical Hormone Initiative and the National Academy of Hypothyroidism
  • Author of several articles on chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, persistent infections, and hormonal imbalance in medical journals both nationally and internationally [33]
  1. UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine/UCLA Medical Center Residency, Anesthesiology, 1992 – 1995
  2. Los Angeles County-Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Internship, Transitional Year, 1991 – 1992
  3. St Louis University School of Medicine Class of 1991

Certificates and License

  • IL State Medical License2009 – 2014
  • AZ State Medical License1996 – 2024
  • CA State Medical License1992 – 2024 [36]

Dr. Kent Holtorf works on the cure of Hypothyroidism

Recent studies have shown the therapeutic relevance of triiodothyronine (T3) levels in peripheral and pituitary tissues, which are affected by the thyroid hormone’s transmembrane transit across cell membranes. Thyroid transporters are extremely energy-dependent, making them vulnerable to circumstances such as low energy states, toxins, and mitochondrial malfunction, while the pituitary gland is unharmed. [37]

Feedback and Conversion Problems in the Thyroid: Pituitary

Since D2 is the pituitary deiodinase, it plays a crucial role in TSH feedback control by T4 [40]. Pituitary D2 is 1000 times more effective in converting T4 to T3 than is D1, acting in the periphery, as stated by Dr. Kent Holtorf, founder, and medical director of the National Academy of Hypothyroidism. [10]

TSH is widely utilized, however, it is not a reliable indicator of overall thyroid health. In order to get a complete picture of your thyroid health, you should also have your serum fT3, fT4, and rT3 levels checked out. [38]

Holtorf’s mission in life is to assist people in regaining their health and regular lives through innovative treatments including peptides, SOT therapy, natural killer cells, and others. [39]

The Peptide Work of Dr. Kent Holtorf

  • Peptides control most cellular and tissue-based physiological processes and systems. They are often more selective and less prone to cause major unfavorable side effects than pharmaceuticals and hormones. [41]
  • Why the administration of the misunderstood peptide vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) will be unneeded in virtually all cases when the Holtorf Updated Peptide Protocol for the Rapid Treatment of CIRS (HUPPRTOC) is applied. VIP’s mechanism of action, dangers, and side effects also shed light on how the drug may temporarily alleviate symptoms and how it greatly impedes long-term remission of symptoms and mold sensitivity.
  • Mold illness/CIRS sufferers are far more susceptible to the harmful effects of mold and mycotoxins than individuals with a healthy immune system because of their preexisting immunological dysfunction. Predisposition based on genes has yet to be proved. [42]

Dr. Kent Holtorf

Dr. Kent Holtorf has become one of medicine’s most famous figures after his groundbreaking work on the subject attracted widespread media attention. As a consequence of his personal struggle and experience with a sickness that has not been revealed to the entire global world, he has developed a groundbreaking discovery that has propelled him to the top of the medical profession. Dr. Holtorf used to devote every waking moment to his studies in his younger years; he has a deep, abiding interest in health care, therefore he never shied away from devoting his time and energy to learning more about the field. Something was off for Dr. Kent after all those years in medical school, and he knew exactly what it was since he was a doctor. The problem was that he had no idea what was causing the abnormalities in his body; at first, he tried to treat his muscle pain by taking a break from schoolwork. At first, he assumed it was the consequence of stress and overthinking, but even after he regularly practices radical relaxation techniques after school, he still wakes up in excruciating pain.

Dr. Kent Holtorf’s sleep cycle was often interrupted by sharp pains in various parts of his body. His muscles all throughout his body hurt at the same time, making it impossible for him to fall asleep. Dr. Kent noted that, in addition to sleep deprivation, he was having trouble focusing on his work. This was especially true when he tried to do in-depth research or study a particular topic. During that time, he became certain that the condition he was experiencing was not a simple disease, and that the nighttime muscular pains he was experiencing were not just the result of excessive study and research. When his original doctor’s diagnosis was wrong, he sought out second and third opinions from additional medical experts just to rule out any other possible causes.

Disappointed, Dr. Kent Holtorf learned from the several physicians he saw that his blood work and other testing came back normal. As a result of the circumstances, he decided to take matters into his own hands and begin conducting self-examinations, including reading up on the topic and doing certain tests to get insight. Years of investigation led him to the diagnosis of chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), which was treated successfully with bio-identical hormone replacement. [43]


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