Increasing BDNF Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor

Exercise, Nutrition, & Optimized Sleep Supercharges our Brain!

On January 6th, a study predicting dementia prevalence in 204 countries was published in The Lancet: Public Health by the ...
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With the advent of the Big Bang and the cooling of the universe in the succeeding millionths of a second, ...
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Exercise for Longevity

In the United States, the average person gets to live around 79 years. So obviously it makes sense that Americans ...
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Blood Fluidity

A healthy diet and exercise is not the only thing accountable for healthy and long life. Smooth blood circulation in ...
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KPV Peptide

6 Exciting Ways KPV Peptide Can Optimize Your Health

Despite being relatively new in the biohacking space, the KPV peptide offers some impressive benefits with mounting research to back ...
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4 Key Reasons to Take CerebroPep Peptide and Neuropeptides

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, we have all the technological advances in the world to boost our performance and ...
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6 Exciting Brain Peptides for Advanced Neurohacking

Do you want to be smarter and more quick-witted? Do you feel like you struggle with brain fog - or ...
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BPC-157: The Body Protective Compound Your Wellness Regime Needs

Scientists are constantly working on various compounds to optimize human health. While they often find hopeful links and correlations, it’s ...
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4 Major Benefits of Supplementing With Noopept

If you’ve explored the world of nootropics and smart drugs, you might have come across Noopept. Noopept is a dipeptide ...
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Overview of the Vibrational Frequencies of the Human body

Vibrational Frequencies of Human body By Brian Rose We all vibrate energetically at a particular frequency. Your 'vibration' is a ...
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