New KPV Ultra and BPC-157 Pure Oral Peptide Sprays

The Wait is Finally Over! Introducing the new KPV Ultra and BPC-157 Pure Oral Peptide Sprays, each in peppermint-flavored liquid form for rapid absorption.

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Four times the content of our original product, KPV Ultra Oral Spray contains 500mcg of active bioregulator fragment α-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH), which is considered to be one of the body’s most potent regulators of normal immune balance and mast cell system stimulation.

New KPV Ultra and BPC-157 Pure Oral Peptide Sprays 5

Our new BPC-157 Pure Oral Spray contains 500mcg of the systemically active, multi-function peptide. A physician’s go-to for multipurpose therapy, BPC-157 is most renowned for its healing and regenerative qualities. Studies have found that this peptide encourages gut health, tissue regeneration and a balanced immune and inflammatory response as well as supporting many other body systems.


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FAQs: Introducing KPV Ultra and BPC-157 Pure Oral Peptide Sprays

What makes these oral peptide sprays unique?

  • Achieve Rapid Absorption: These sprays use advanced formulation methods designed for fast and efficient absorption of the active peptides.
  • Convenience: The peppermint-flavored liquid spray format offers an easy, needle-free alternative to injections.
  • Quality Ingredients: Integrative Peptides prioritizes organic ingredients like organic peppermint essential oil, organic monk fruit extract, and organic sugar cane-derived ethyl alcohol.

What is KPV Ultra and how does it work?

KPV Ultra contains a short, active bioregulator fragment derived from alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH). This peptide may have properties related to appetite regulation, pigmentation, and other biological functions.

What is BPC-157 and what are its potential benefits?

BPC-157 is a peptide known for its potential healing properties. It’s been studied for its possible effects on wound healing, gut health, and tissue repair.

How do I use these oral peptide sprays?

Consult the product instructions for precise dosage and administration guidelines. Information from Integrative Peptides or a qualified healthcare provider is crucial for safe and proper use.

Is there a taste difference between the KPV Ultra and BPC-157 sprays?

While both use a subtle organic peppermint flavor, there might be slight variations due to the nature of the active peptides themselves.

What other ingredients do these sprays contain?

Besides the peptides, organic ethyl alcohol (for preservation), organic monk fruit extract (natural sweetener), organic peppermint essential oil, and a hint of citric acid are the primary ingredients for both formulas.