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How is BPC-157 with CurcuPrime different from other BPC-157 products?

BPC-157 with CurcuPrime was created as a true synergistic blend of Full Strength BPC-157 (500mcg) with 200mg of CurcuPrime, in each capsule. This is 100% unique, the only blend of its kind on the market!

Key Ingredients

BPC 157 500mcg, Curcuprime™ 200mg.

Other ingredients

HPMC(capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, and organic carnauba wax.

What is BPC 157?

BPC-157 is a peptide composed of 15 amino acids (for those mathematically inclined that is called a Pentadecapeptide). Coined “Body Protection Compound”, BPC-157 was originally discovered in the 1970s. Pentadecapeptide BPC-157 has become a go-to supplement for many healthcare providers, particularly in the Integrative, Naturopathic, and Chiropractic spaces.

Why did we include Curcuprime™ aka Tetrahydrocurcumin?

Tetrahydrocurcumin is a major curcuminoid metabolite of curcumin, naturally occurring in turmeric. There's growing research into Tetrahydrocurcumin because it's superior to curcumin which boosts bioavailability, and has anti-oxidative properties that help to increase the absorption of BPC-157 (5).

Key Benefits of BPC 157 with Curcuprime™: 

  • Gut & digestive support
  • Supports healthy digestive function.
  • Supports cognitive function via acetylcholine protection.
  • Can improve healing activity.
  • Can aid the body in repair of tissues; tendons; ligaments; brain; bone.
  • Supports new cell proliferation.
  • Supports insulin sensitivity.
  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response.

BPC-157 has a wide range of potential uses and benefits for various health conditions. It is known to support gut and digestive health, promote cognitive function by protecting acetylcholine, aid in healing activities for tissues, tendons, ligaments, brain, and bone, support new cell proliferation, enhance insulin sensitivity, and maintain a healthy inflammatory response. Specifically, BPC-157 has been recognized in the sporting industry for accelerating recovery from muscle injuries, joint issues, tendon problems, and ligament injuries through various biochemical mechanisms. Additionally, it can help reduce inflammation in the gut, promote normal bone mineral density and healing, and has been identified as beneficial for muscle crush injuries. BPC-157 PURE is also reported to have positive effects on nervous system health, wound healing, and weight loss.

Furthermore, BPC-157 can be used to treat various parts of the body with its multifaceted benefits. For instance, in cases of tendon injuries common among athletes and individuals engaged in high-intensity physical activities, BPC-157 stands out for its remarkable ability to expedite and supplement the healing process of tendons. It also plays a crucial role in preventing muscle atrophy that may develop following severe injuries. Moreover, the peptide's anti-inflammatory properties can swiftly reduce swelling and pain in athletes experiencing injuries.

Moreover, the nervous system's balance is crucial for overall health, and BPC-157's properties help in maintaining this equilibrium. By regulating blood flow and promoting positive neurological functions, BPC-157 contributes to enhanced nervous system health. Additionally, the peptide aids in the development of new cells, which is instrumental in wound healing and repairing skin damage.

In terms of gut health, BPC-157 is beneficial for individuals dealing with intestinal conditions such as Crohn’s disease, IBS, ulcerative colitis, acid reflux, and ulcers. Its supportive properties help in alleviating symptoms and promoting gut health. Joint health is another area where BPC-157 shines, as it reduces inflammation and repairs cells in the joints, ultimately strengthening joint health.

Lastly, as for weight loss, BPC-157 may assist in appetite control, lowering blood sugar levels, and facilitating weight loss by converting fats into energy. These diverse applications and benefits of BPC-157 PURE underscore its potential as a versatile and effective health supplement. For more detailed information, consulting with a healthcare provider or conducting independent research is recommended.


1 bottle contains 60 BPC-157 capsules.

BPC-157 Research

Helps to reduce inflammation in the gut (1).

BPC-157 has a very strong reputation in the sporting industry for speeding up muscle injuries, joint issues, tendon issues, and even ligament issues via many biochemical mechanisms (2).

BPC-157 can support normal bone mineral density and healing (3).

Athletes: WADA bans BPC-157 as a performance enhancement and recovery substance. (4).


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Always work with your primary care physician or schedule a consultation with one of our health consultants.

BPC-157 Frequently Asked Questions

What is BPC-157 used for?

See BPC-157 benefits above, and we highly encourage anyone interested in this supplement to ask their healthcare provider or do their independent research.

How does BPC-157 work?

BPC-157 functions in a multifaceted manner to promote healing and protection in the body. When it comes to injuries involving tendons and ligaments, this peptide accelerates the healing process by boosting the production of type 1 collagen in these specific tissues. Furthermore, it serves a crucial role as a cytoprotective agent, supporting the maintenance of the mucosal lining in the gastrointestinal tract. Acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, BPC-157 aids in safeguarding and repairing inflamed intestinal tissues. Additionally, this peptide facilitates tissue repair by enhancing blood flow to damaged areas, thereby promoting the restoration of injured tissues. Moreover, BPC-157 exhibits neuroprotective properties by regulating the production of key neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine in the brain, contributing to overall protection and support for neurological function.

How does BPC-157 accelerate wound healing and promote tissue regeneration?

BPC-157 accelerates wound healing and promotes tissue regeneration through various mechanisms. As highlighted in Passage_1, BPC-157 has gained recognition in the sporting industry for its efficacy in expediting recovery from muscle injuries, joint issues, tendon problems, and ligament injuries. This peptide operates through a multitude of biochemical pathways to support normal bone mineral density and facilitate healing processes. Moreover, athletes should take note that BPC-157 is prohibited by WADA due to its performance-enhancing and recovery properties. It is worth noting that these benefits are attributed to the peptide's ability to stimulate angiogenesis, promoting the formation of new blood vessels crucial for delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to the injured area. Furthermore, BPC-157 increases the expression of growth factors necessary for tissue repair, aiding in the regeneration of damaged tissues such as muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone. This comprehensive approach underscores BPC-157's remarkable potential in accelerating wound healing and promoting tissue regeneration.

What do I need to know about BPC-157?

BPC-157 is a peptide composed of 15 amino acids, known as a Pentadecapeptide, that has gained popularity as a 'Body Protection Compound' since its discovery in the 1970s. This stable gastric peptide has become a favored supplement in various healthcare fields, including Integrative, Naturopathic, and Chiropractic practices.

Moreover, Tetrahydrocurcumin, a significant curcuminoid metabolite found in turmeric, is being increasingly studied due to its superior bioavailability and antioxidant properties. When combined with BPC-157, Tetrahydrocurcumin enhances the peptide's absorption and provides additional support for gut health, cognitive function, tissue repair, cell proliferation, insulin sensitivity, and maintaining a healthy inflammatory response.

The research on BPC-157 indicates its effectiveness in reducing gut inflammation, accelerating muscle injury recovery, and promoting bone healing, and its use is prohibited by WADA for athletes due to its performance-enhancing properties. These findings highlight the diverse benefits and potential applications of BPC-157 in various health conditions.

Should BPC-157 be taken with or without food?

Our products are gastrically stable, however, some reports indicate that absorption is improved when taken after a meal.

How do I take Pentadecapeptide BPC 157 pills?

Suggested dose: take 1 capsule up to 2 times per day with food. For higher dosages, please consult your healthcare provider.

Is BPC-157 bioavailable?

While no oral administration of any product is more bioavailable than an intravenous or intramuscular injection, we have adjusted our dosing to ensure therapeutic benefit without the hassle of puncturing the skin. Our products are easily transportable and provide an alternative solution to injections.

Can BPC-157 be used in Pregnant and Nursing Women? What about Children?

We do not endorse the use of this product in anyone pregnant, who may become pregnant, or who is nursing. Furthermore, we do not endorse the use of this product for anyone under 18 years of age. Please consult with your physician for further information.

Is BPC-157 FDA-approved?

Supplements are not approved by the FDA. We are FDA registered and follow all Good Manufacturing Process guidelines in addition to independent third-party testing for purity, heavy metals, microbial, and other contaminants.

Where is BPC-157 manufactured?

All of our products are made in the USA.

When can I expect my BPC-157 order?

All orders are usually processed with tracking information within the next business.

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