How to Relieve Constipation

Relieve Constipation
How to Relieve Constipation 3

By Brian James Rose

Do you get feelings of bloating and discomfort when you go to the toilet? Constipation is a prevalent problem that affects more than 4 million people across the globe. The reason why you feel constipated is not having enough water or it could be due to the poor diet, lifestyle, and unhealthy choices that you make. Constipation is when you have less than three bowel movements and your stools are small, dry, and hard to pass. To make your stool easy to pass, one should include fibers in their diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Most people are diagnosed with chronic constipation and their cause is not known. If you’re an individual who has constipation more than usual, worry not. There are natural ways you can treat constipation and say goodbye to bloating once and for all. You don’t have to buy expensive products or medication to relieve your constipated stomach. You can find everything available at your own home.

You’ll be amazed at just how effective these techniques are! Physical activity is food to your mind and soul. It not only helps you in weight loss but protects you from serious health issues like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. It also increases your metabolism and keeps you active. One should incorporate muscle strengthening exercises and cardio such as jogging, swimming, and cycling that is effective in burning excessive fat. A study shows that it can also keep your gut flora healthy by producing a healthy bacterium called, Butyrate which is fatty acid important for your body. Another study shows that rugby players have a healthy gut flora and have a greater number of bacterial species as compared to the non-players.

Another healthy bacterium, Akkermansia is also increased in levels that help in keeping your metabolism healthy and reduce obesity. The athletes were found to have an increased level of healthy bacteria. Physically active women also have a diversity of healthy bacteria like Akkermansia and Bifidobacterium which means that it’s important to do regular work out or any physical activity to ensure that you’re healthy in the long run. The inactive people who don’t perform regular exercise are found to have decreasing levels of the bacteria, thus affecting their gut health.   

How to Relieve Constipation

By, Brian Rose Founder of KIYA Longevity

As a Biohacker, I completely submerged myself in neural enhancement, receiving training in a Neuro Performance Program with Vitanya Brain Performance, and completing Vipassana, a 10-day Silent Meditation Retreat. These experiences trained my brain to change its frequency from Alpha to Beta and taught me how to move energy within my body to benefit my mind.  


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