age reversal revealed

Age Reversal Revealed (F = 1/t)

age reversal revealed
Age Reversal Revealed (F = 1/t) 4

In the wee hours of the morning in 1953 on August 24th, a ship landed at Giant Rock Airport – an airport leased by George Van Tassel. Aboard it was four people who Van Tassel claimed to have come from another planet. As unusual as that sounds, it is not an isolated case. It is not unprecedented if history records serve right. In one interview, Van Tassel drew a comparison of his experience to what had happened to Moses, during biblical times, when God presented him with patterns to build a tabernacle. It is recorded that said patterns came out of the sky as well. He continues to point out that there are many more examples of similar incidents throughout human history.

Now, you are probably wondering what transpired between Van Tassel and these four men from a different planet. In the interview, Van Tassel says he was awoken (not necessarily by the ship) and approached by one of the men who invited him into their ship. He identified himself as Solganda. Below the hovering scouting ship – or flying saucer – he was brought up and into the ship through an anti-gravity beam in an elevator-like fashion. Inside the ship, Van Tassel recounted that he met the other three men. He calls them “men” because that is exactly what they looked like. 

Van Tassel, a man who had been in the aircraft business for 37 years at the time of the interview, said that the ship was unlike any other he had ever seen before. From the instruments and gauge markings to the various components inside the ship, everything was different from any other man-made aircraft. Solganda, who Van Tassel claims to have looked about 28 years old, revealed that he was in fact 700 years old. It was at this time that he was given the formula for “time machine” as F = 1/t. “F” refers to the frequency and “t” refers to time. He took into account all of that when he was constructing the now popular Integratron. 

Are these just the rumbling of a man with a hyperactive imagination? Was Van Tassel onto something here? Is there scientific backing for this seemingly revolutionary claim? You’d be surprised. So. Let’s find out what modern science tells us.

The Science Behind Frequencies 

One important change that occurs with old age is neurophysiological decline. This is almost inevitable. In a 2010 study conducted at the W.M. Keck Center for Integrative Neuroscience at the University of California, San Francisco, researchers aimed to investigate the relationship (and the extent of it) between neurophysiological decline and sensory deterioration. The test subjects for the study were lab rats. 

Aging lab rats, just like aging human beings, suffer a progressively degrading auditory cortex. This is an area located within the temporal lobe. This inevitably leads to weakened sound awareness. It is important to point out that damage to the auditory cortex can also be non-old age-related; for example, it may be a result of a pre-existing tumor or a consequence of stroke. 

Back to the study. The researchers established that the brain can still receive and react to audio pitches and that presents an opportunity for damage restoration. A report in the Pacific Standard notes that the researchers, using a series of particular frequencies, “were able to recover more than 20 auditory cortex alterations” in the trained lab rats. 

The human brain is constantly going through a number of frequency cycles throughout the day. With each frequency cycle, different effects are produced. It is possible to alter the receiving and operating frequency of the brain through sound waves to induce reverse aging effects. As a matter of fact, that is the basis of binaural beats. 

Additionally, there is scientific evidence supporting the idea of low-frequency sound stimulation to relieve the effects of Fibromyalgia – another common condition in aging people. This is well documented in a 2015 study conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Toronto and Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo. It was concluded that frequency manipulation and sound stimulation is beneficial in the treatment of fibromyalgia thanks to a recorded improved quality of life and dependency on medication.

The Integratron, built by George Van Tassel, is founded on the same principles. The sound baths offered here are key to restoring a person’s aging auditory cortex along with other reverse-aging benefits. Furthermore, everyone who has had the pleasure of visiting the Integratron has enjoyed: Sonic healing, Waves of peace, Heightened awareness, and Relaxation of the mind and body

Age Reversal Revealed (F = 1/t) 

Brian Rose Founder of KIYA Longevity
Age Reversal Revealed (F = 1/t) 5

By, Brian Rose Founder of KIYA Longevity

As a Biohacker, I completely submerged myself in neural enhancement, receiving training in a Neuro Performance Program with Vitanya Brain Performance, and completing Vipassana, a 10-day Silent Meditation Retreat. These experiences trained my brain to change its frequency from Alpha to Beta and taught me how to move energy within my body to benefit my mind.  


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