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Our team of experienced health consultants will help take your health to next level with natural sciences based solutions. Click on any of the Health Conditions or Schedule Consultation to get started.

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    The most competitive pricing available with one-on-one support! No membership is needed. Insurance is not required.

  • KIYA Longevity


    One on one time to talk about your history, lifestyle, and health condition to provide you a comprehensive path to move forward. World-class service with access to qualified health consultants to get the results you want.

  • KIYA Longevity


    Our multifaceted approach is based on nutrition and lifestyle modifications, stress management, supplements, with the healing powers of nature.

We'll Begin Getting to Know You & Your Health.

KIYA Longevity offers an innovative and effective approach to the management of chronic disease, providing a new paradigm in health care delivery and telehealth consultation services.

The more we know about your health history, lifestyle, genetics, and symptoms, the more we understand what makes you, you! We provide specialty testing to gain a deeper understanding of your health and uncover the cause of a persistent symptom. You'll receive your tailored protocol, created by your health consultant, including recommendations on nutrition and movement, lifestyle adjustments, supplements, and more.

Our Verified Telehealth specialists and doctors are a licensed team of Telehealth specialists committed to providing the highest quality care for your needs. Get telehealth Virtual Consultation with a licensed Telehealth specialist today!

Each 45-minute online doctor consultation is $84.00.

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