Human Soul: The Grey Area of Science, Religion, and Culture

Nearly all religions – at least the major ones – hold the belief that all people are in essence souls and the death of the physical body does not mean the demise of the person’s soul.

Western societies and views believe that a child is born with a soul that is linked to the body. Christians view the body and the soul as one thing as well.

Research has revealed that neurons in the brains of children display more activity than those in adults.

Could Anesthesia Be the Key to Unlocking the Origin of Consciousness and the Soul?

Unlike during sleep, people who have been administered anesthesia never have a concept of the passage of time after waking up. Also, for the duration of anesthesia, they don’t dream. This indicates an absence of subjective consciousness.

Consciousness is derived from microtubules in our brain cells. Microtubules, hollow tubes contained in living cells, are the foundation of our souls. 

For a long time, hardcore scientists were skeptics regarding the soul’s existence and many still are. However, with more research, a lot more evidence of the soul’s existence has been uncovered. 

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