How To Boost Stem Cell Production

Stem cells self-renew and transform into new cells by dividing and differentiating into specific tissues and organs throughout the body. 

Stem cells are present in adults, where they work as a repair kit and help the body repair and renew organs and tissues. Reduction and inhibition in the production of stem cells is a natural process called physiological aging.

During fasting, the body starts working more efficiently. There is low food consumption, which allows the body to focus on healing and cell regeneration.

Ultraviolet (UV) light can adversely affect all cells, and most importantly stem cells. 

When the body is active, the number of stem cells increase. When exercising, the older cells die through a process called apoptosis.   Newer cells are needed to overcome the loss, which is where stem cells are involved.

High levels of glucose in the body can result in reduced mesenchymal stem cell proliferation; therefore, when you consume excessive amounts of sugar, your stem cells will likely decrease.

By increasing the quality and quantity of sleep, stem cells will likely remain younger for a longer period.

Acupuncture is an excellent way to increase stem cell production and healing mechanisms in the body.

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