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Social Networking and the New Mother

Social Networking
Social Networking and the New Mother 4

Social networking is vital in propelling forward the practice of health and wellness, especially during the time of COVID where socializing in person has been significantly reduced.

With online groups, meetings, support, and healthcare, new moms can learn, vent, share,  commiserating over fears, and celebrate milestones.  

Human behavior explains that people are social creatures and tend to discuss issues that are important to them, both positive and negative when they are directly impacted.  Using your computer as an access window to the world is a great way to connect for both physical and psychological health

Sociologists have seen that entire cultures have changed their ways of doing things based on the way an innovation was communicated throughout the population. In the social development of ideas, repetition, opposition, and adaptation make a significant difference in applying health research.

Social Networking and the New Mother 5

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For example, when it was discovered that colostrum, the first secretion of the breast before the breastmilk comes in, is high in nutrients and antibodies and can even save the lives of preterm babies, this became a hot discussion in mothers groups, through nursing organizations and lactation support groups.  Mothers talked amongst themselves and the information was disseminated enough that the percentage of initial breastfeeding significantly increased. 

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