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SEX – An enjoyable Way To Enhance Longevity

What can be the most enjoyable way to enhance your longevity? If we were to suggest “Sex,” you might not believe it. Well, Sex it is! Who knew you could optimize your body through sex and live longer with a better quality of life? How? Well, let’s delve into that.

Enhancing your well-being allows you to measure, implement changes, and retest the functioning of your body, including aspects like sleep quality, physical activities, diseases, and vitality, through non-traditional medical methods. If you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle without relying solely on supplements, this approach might be worth considering.

Did you know how much low sex drive is common among men and women? When you age, you also experience hormonal changes, this can be one reason for low libido but stress, bad quality of sleep, and anxiety are just as contributing. We all can manifest, within ourselves, the power to make wise choices for our bodies and health. And sex and orgasms are one way to upgrade your biology.

The human body is extremely capable of communicating its needs through cravings and desires. Let’s suppose you haven’t eaten in a while, your blood sugar levels will dip and the brain will immediately signal the body to stimulate hormones such as ghrelin which is responsible for inducing signs of hunger (a growling stomach, pangs, and even lightheadedness). Basically, your body needs the energy to function, and it is asking for it.

In the same manner, our libido is the body signaling us to engage in sex because it considers sexual intercourse and resulting orgasms essential for improved mental and physical health. Now we are all well aware of sex as a pleasurable experience for consenting partners but what if we told you that this particular activity can be honed as a tool for enhanced vitality?

In all honesty, most of us don’t need to read a bunch of research to persuade ourselves into partaking in more frequent sex, but if you take out the time to understand the various chemical and hormonal changes induced through intercourse and orgasms, you will be surprised to learn how they can directly influence our mood, longevity, function, and overall health. This adds a new dimension to an otherwise mundane activity. We should not confine ourselves to only getting educated about the negative outcomes of sexual intercourse i.e. sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Safe, protected sex can lend a plethora of positive effects to our psychological, physical, and emotional well-being.

Sex and Vitality

The benefits associated with sex and orgasms cannot be reduced to just a momentary bout of gratification. It holds a lot more for you than that. Scientists have extensively studied this phenomenon and its many allusive health benefits.

Let’s not just head into the topic. Did you know that the primary defense system of our body against infections and diseases is suspected to be bolstered in response to increased sexual activity? No, we’re not making this up. There is in fact a study involving 112 college students, where Immunoglobulin A (IgA) levels were shown to be 30% more boosted in individuals who had sex more than twice per week as compared to those who abstained from any sexual activity. Immunoglobulin A plays a vital role against viral infections which translates to a possibly lower risk of catching a cold. What’s more interesting is that orgasms are also thought to directly influence the production of a natural steroid called de-hydro-epi-androsterone (DHEA), which is also known as a “fountain of youth” hormone. It is responsible for keeping the androgens and estrogens in balance which ultimately contributes to its effects as a potential anti-aging element. If you’re looking for an easier and more fun way to get shiny nails and healthier hair and skin then sex is one fun option. To conclude, sex can enhance immunity.

In many types of research done over the years, it has been revealed time and again that men who indulged in regular sexual activity and those who were able to climax more than twice per week displayed increased longevity. This can be credited to the beneficial consequences of sex on a person’s emotional and physical health. In a study involving a decade later follow-up, it was revealed that men who were able to orgasm two times or more in a week had a fifty percent less risk of mortality as compared to those who climaxed less than once a month. This significant difference can be further cemented by the longitudinal study, spanning 25 years with 252 participants, which concluded the frequency of coitus as a vital indicator of longevity in men.

Stress is the natural reaction of the body in response to tense situations. The higher heart rate, muscle tension, and improved concentration can help you manage high-risk scenarios. But chronic stress can be a detrimental condition for our bodies. Our first instinct upon seeing a close person sad is to reach out, hold their hand, hug, and console. This physical warmth usually makes the other person feel better. But how? Cortisol is the main stress hormone and in a 2019 study, it was revealed that acts of intimacy could bring this steroid in a normal range. And ab absolute good news is that sexual activity and orgasms are directly responsible for a surge in a variety of hormones that can uplift our mood and positively impact our mental health. Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter that relieves anxiety and depression while promoting feelings of empathy and trust. Dopamine, another chemical produced in response to orgasm, is a natural pain reliever that also augments pleasure. Can stress make you age quicker? Yes, but can sex alleviate the stress? Definitely. The fact that this intimate and passionate activity can also lead to living a longer and quality life, is just as amazing.

Sex and Women Longevity

Another revelation is that the pelvic floor muscles are predominantly stimulated when women go through an orgasm. The blood rushes as the muscles undergo involuntary contractions. Due to this, pelvic dysfunction has been associated with below satisfactory sexual experiences. In a study conducted by the University of West Scotland’s School of Social Sciences in 2010, researchers revealed that penile thrust activity had a pronounced effect on reflexive vaginal contractions. This indicates a better pelvic response to penile-vaginal intercourse. Enhanced pelvic floor health translates into an improved sexual experience with better pain management. Well, good news ladies! Not only do you get to release your stress and have a youthful appearance but you will also benefit from the strong pelvic floor.

Consistently low libido can take a toll on an otherwise healthy relationship, but as counterintuitive as it may sound, you can enhance your sexual desires through frequent sex. When you experience an orgasm, the body increases the blood flow to the vagina, promotes tissue elasticity, and induces vaginal lubrication. These physical changes coupled with the release of an abundance of euphoric endorphins condition your brain to remember it as a pleasurable activity.  This can lead to a higher libido when compared to observing abstinence. Some studies have shown a link between frequent intercourse to a better regulated menstrual cycle which in turn improves the chance of conception. Researchers found a whopping 80 percent probability of conception within six months in women who participated in coitus four or more times per week. While this probability dropped to 17 percent in women who had sex less than one time per week. We can safely say that sex can improve fertility and libido.

The most painful topic related to women in this chapter would be mensuration. Yes, the monster of every month that pops up, leaving you in a painful, vulnerable position. But what is orgasms can help you deal with that pain? Okay, so whenever you are on your periods, your instant thought goes to the hot water bottle and some painkillers. Obviously, they can be effective but medicine can lead to some serious side effects in the long term. But if there was a way to relieve yourself from mensuration pain through orgasm, would want to try that? This will not just relieve you from your pain but also keep your premenstrual symptoms and your mood under control. So another amazing revelation by scientists have discovered is that orgasms are not only for pleasure but also in relieving pain. Orgasm is the highest point of sexual pleasure, where the sexual tension is finally released, leading to muscles relaxing all over the body. The main ingredients in this sexual medicine are the hormones called endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin. These hormones play a vital part in lowering your stress level and making you stress-free. Having sex before you enter your moon days will help with the horrible cramps which come alongside mensuration. Also, if you can’t have sex while on periods, you can always masturbate. Masturbation is the safest way to prevent the contraction of any infection. Other than alleviating pain, orgasms can also provide other benefits to women. Orgasms can lead to a shorter length of mensuration as the uterus contracts more and making the blood flow faster than before.

Sex and Health

If we were to say that sex can minimize the risk of prostate cancer, would you believe us? Let us give you a walkthrough: The prostate gland is found in men and is responsible for the production of seminal fluid. An uncontrolled division of cells in this gland can lead to the enlargement and cancer of the prostate. In 2004, researchers tried to find a connection between the risk of prostate cancer and the frequency of ejaculation in 30,000 males. The results revealed an inverse relationship between the two, with a higher occurrence of ejaculation (exceeding 21 times per month) associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer. The comparison group had individuals who ejaculated only 4 to 7 times per month. A follow-up of this study in 2016 reiterated the initial results. Researchers have contributed the reduced chance of developing prostate cancer to the potential carcinogen flushing effect of ejaculation. Another possible explanation is stress relief when you orgasm, which can decrease the activity of the central sympathetic nervous system, which causes cell proliferation. Not having any type of cancer can lead to a better and longer life. We’re glad we can cross one out.

Other than eliminating prostate cancer, sex is also known for regulating blood pressure. Hypertension or increased blood pressure is a debilitating condition that can adversely affect your heart health. A study done in 2016, about the markers of heart health and sexual gratification, revealed a lower risk of developing high blood pressure in older women who reported to be more satisfied from their sex lives. However, the same response was not observed in men. Hypertensive males on diuretics have a recurring complaint of sexual dysfunction and reduced libido. This poses a problem with medication compliance and has a negative impact on the quality of life. But more anti-hypertensives are being introduced that don’t carry the side effect of sexual dysfunction. This, in turn, can emerge the possibility of enhanced sexual activity and its associated effect on lowering systolic blood pressure in males. Who knew by having sex, you can influence your own biology and leading towards a healthy life.

On a serious note, much bigger chronic conditions can be prevented from sex such as cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Heart disease and stroke can be easily factored in as leading causative agents of death. In the study mentioned above with a 10 year follow up, another crucial finding was the reduction of the risk of a fatal coronary event by 50% in individuals who were able to climax more than twice per week in comparison to the group which reported lower sexual activity (less than once a month). Testosterone and de-hydro-epi-androsterone (DHEA), hormones associated with sexual intercourse, can be accounted as limiting factors in the risk of developing heart disease and stroke. Another significant impact of frequent sexual activity is a lower waist to hip ratio which results in a decreased chance of suffering from coronary heart disease.

Sex and Quality Life

The hormonal changes induced as a result of orgasm have been attributed to better sleep by The National Sleep Foundation. The above-mentioned hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin directly induce a sensation of calm and drowsiness. The surge of endorphins acts as a natural sedative due to which it is easier to fall asleep after you have reached climax. A growth factor called prolactin is also stimulated when you orgasm and can be found circulating at a higher concentration. Prolactin can influence rapid eye movement sleep while promoting relaxation and pleasure.

Moreover, sex can lead to better brain functioning. Research conducted on the rodents showed that when they indulge in coitus, the memory section of their brain leases neurons. In simpler words, your critical and analytical thinking is improved when you are having sex. But who wants to remember anything else when you’re enjoying yourself, right!

Moreover, sex helps release the Oxytocin hormone which is also known as the trust hormone. This particular hormone is responsible for you wanting to cuddle next to your partner and bury your face in them. This sort of hormone will help you with relieving stress and keep you calm. Other hormones such as serotonin and endorphins also get released into your system when you’re having sex. These particular hormones work as a pain killer, for life and increase your pleasurable feelings. Talk about euphoria. Sex can make you feel high and release all your tensions. And there is no better way to live longer than let go of your worries. Nothing kills you faster than stress and anxiety. Studies were even made on how sex can help treat migraine and arthritis.

So now you understand the key elements for a healthier and more fulfilling life, right? Adequate sleep, a balanced diet, and regular physical activity are crucial for achieving the goals mentioned above. The central element in optimizing your sex life involves reflecting on your current circumstances. This doesn’t mean mundane tasks like washing dishes or giving a presentation; it’s about assessing where you currently stand in your life concerning your sex life. Is your libido at a high or low level? Are you nurturing your intimate relationship sufficiently? Is sex a routine activity or a source of enjoyment? Regardless, it’s essential to recognize that sex is beneficial for your overall well-being.

The point of letting you guys know about the potential benefits of sex does not mean that you become sex-obsessed. There are actually benefits to having sex, scientifically proven facts. That points us towards maximum health, vitality, longevity, and quality of life. Although fewer studies were made on women than on men, time will fix that as well.

Who knew sex can lead to so many health benefits and not just be the cause of overpopulation in the world. Interestingly, you not only receive love and affection but also a plethora of health benefits that are both needed for health and longevity.


This tool is just not for pleasure only, but also to provide you with a better and more quality of life. With better sleep cycles, enhanced brain function, improved health conditions, and uplifting mood, we can lead a better life, and that too for a long time. The happier and stress-free we are, the younger we will stay. Sex is the best way to blow off the steam (no pun intended). Sex brings about hormones in your body that are essential for the body’s system to function.

Studies also concluded how casual sex can actually help with one’s self-esteem and more confidence. And having sex with your loved one would increase the level of pleasure twice, making you the happiest and healthiest man/woman alive.

There is no proper recommendation on how much sex you need to get all these benefits, they just come along with your life with you engaging in a healthy and sexually exciting relationship. It is though said that men need to ejaculate less than women. If men were to ejaculate more, they will use up a lot of their energy and feel down after a while. So it is possible to have sex and ejaculate and still keep all the energy within. On the flip side, women are told to orgasm more. With more orgasm comes more benefits for them. As already covered above, orgasms help them in alleviating pain, keeping their mood under control, strong immunity, and less lengthy periods of days. Women do get the most out of this but there are still more studies needed to prove the effects of sex on women.

The conclusion to this chapter is that sex is a a powerful tool for enhancing life, contributing to longevity and an overall better quality of life.


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