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KIYA Longevity Naturopathic Telemedicine For Nootropic/Peptide Therapy Launched

KIYA Longevity expanded its telehealth consulting services to provide naturopathic healthcare solutions for chronic conditions. They offer testing, virtual appointments with health specialists, and tailored recommendations on nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments, helping anyone enjoy better health, naturally.

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The new holistic telehealth service by KIYA Longevity includes a forty-minute appointment with a licensed holistic practitioner. The patient’s medical history and current lifestyle are carefully evaluated to provide actionable recommendations for long-term results.

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The newly launched service begins with a secure telemedicine session with a specialist. This is followed by a complete panel of diagnostic tests and DNA testing. Finally, a personalized health protocol is presented to the patient including multiple therapeutic and wellness recommendations.

KIYA Longevity offers consultations for autoimmune conditions, thyroid issues, high blood pressure, insomnia, and other illnesses. Patients are advised to choose a health program that best suits their needs.

The telemedicine service can be accessed by simply selecting a program that best aligns with a patient’s health concerns, choosing a certified health specialist from the KIYA Longevity team, and scheduling a consultation.

The center offers microbiome assays, DNA testing, and food sensitivity tests to gain a deeper understanding of a patient’s health and any underlying conditions. This helps the team uncover the root cause of a persistent symptom that can then be treated effectively.

KIYA Longevity believes in using natural modalities that are time-tested and therapeutically effective. Patients are recommended natural supplements, stress management solutions, lifestyle modifications, and nutrient-rich diets for improved wellness.

The team shares informative articles on holistic, naturopathic medicine, biohacking, and cognitive enhancement on their blog and social media accounts.

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KIYA Longevity offers an array of nootropics, peptides, and sleep supplements that can be purchased from their online store. Infusing the body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants aids cellular regeneration and naturally restores health. The KIYA Longevity wellness program focuses on holistic remedies that manage chronic symptoms without causing any side effects.

KIYA Longevity was founded by Brian Rose a former stockbroker and military police officer. He has successfully used nootropics and biohacking to achieve significant milestones in his career and life. He completed a 10-day Vipassana Meditation course and offers naturopathic consultations, medical cannabis consultations, and telehealth services priced at $84 per consultation.

With the latest announcement, the company continues to empower people with the information and therapeutic resources required to cleanse their bodies and minds.

According to a spokesperson for the center, “We are delighted to offer holistic telehealth services that connect patients with our multidisciplinary team of specialists. We continue on our mission to empower people to increase longevity, guided by science and a passion for caring for people.”

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