How to Ignite your Psychic Powers ~ 7.83 Hz!

How to Ignite your Psychic Powers ~ 7.83 Hz! 3

How to Ignite your Psychic Powers – What is clairvoyance? Before you even think of activating your clairvoyant powers, you should first have a clear idea of what clairvoyance means. This is exactly what the word clairvoyant means, a person with a clear vision. The word’s etymology also suggests the same as it is adapted from the French words Clair meaning clear and Voyance meaning vision. 

clairvoyant person is someone who claims they can access certain information about an object, location, events, or a person by using their preternatural perceptive abilities. How they gain this information can differ, but they mainly believed that when these people encounter objects, they see visions that defy time and space rules. How clear and prolonged these visions are factors that depend on the person’s control of their ability. 

For most people, their clairvoyant abilities are usually incredibly subtle. It is something that happens so naturally and in passing that most people do not realize it is happening at all and tend to dismiss it. Therefore, some people believe clairvoyance is nothing more than a sixth sense. 

Clairvoyant abilities can roughly be classified into three categories. There is precognition where a person is capable of predicting or getting at least a sense of future events. Then, there is retrocognition, where a clairvoyant is able to see the past of a person or object. Then, there is remote viewing. In this case, the person should be able to see what is happening right at that moment and able to perceive things that normal senses would not be able to catch up on. 

Clairvoyant abilities are also sometimes called telepathic. It is essentially the same thing where you can see into another person’s mind, especially if your ability leans towards remote viewing. Clairvoyance considers a larger range as it brings objects and location into the mix, whereas telepathy is a form of clairvoyance. In the latter, the clear visions are focused on another person’s mind. 

It must be mentioned that you cannot explain clairvoyance with the help of regular science. In fact, in the scientific community, these psychic abilities and their existence have not been accepted at all. However, like regular science, certain institutions in the world are concerned with clairvoyance and other psychic abilities and do extensive research on the subject. 

So, now that you do know what clairvoyance is, how do you ignite your powers? There is the belief that some people are naturally born with the ability or inclination for it while others might have to work twice as hard for it or might never get around to access those powers. Whatever the case may be for you, let us first look at some signs that could indicate that you have a natural gift. Even if you do not, it still does not hurt to try some steps that might help you access and hone those skills. 

Signs You Might Be Clairvoyant

There are many signs that you might have missed that point towards the possibility of you possessing some sort of clairvoyant abilities. 

For one, there might have been instances where you have had images flash before your eyes inexplicably. You could also be seeing sudden flashes of numbers, colors, or symbols. You might also be good at forming images of places and people in your mind. There are times you feel like a movie is playing in your head. 

Clairvoyance also involves light flashes. It is said these are spirit guides or will-o-wisps trying to communicate with you. When you have these flashes, you are likely to see colored balls floating in the air or floating shadows. You might also see lights blinking from the corners of your eyes. If your psychic ability is strong, you might be able to see people’s aura, which is a soft glow of light surrounding a person’s silhouette. You can also come across dazzling bits of lights floating around you. 

The ability to daydream is also considered a sign of clairvoyance. It means you are able to create a mental map in your mind and visualize how things are supposed to go. These people also have an excellent sense of direction, as if they come with an in-built GPS. 

How To Hone Your Clairvoyant Skills

Gaining or improving your clairvoyant skills is like mastering any other skill. It all depends on practice. For the most part, there are three things you need to focus on. The first is visualization, and the second is meditation. Lastly, you need to be able to open up your third eye. Let us look at all the steps in detail. 

1.  Practicing Visualization

It is believed your third-eye chakra is a little above and between your two eyebrows. This is the place that helps clairvoyants focus on visions and have clear pictures of symbols and numbers in their minds. Try to visualize various scenarios. Things such as lazily lying on a beach or walking through a castle or even jamming at a concert. This will be instrumental in opening up the third-eye chakra. Once you have mastered imagining situations in your mind, shift your focus to visualizing numbers and flowers. 

To do this, you have to close your eyes and focus. In your mind, think of the number 1 and keep your focus on it for at least ten seconds. Then, move on to 2 and so on. Do not stop until you have reached 10. 

If, somehow, you are unable to visualize this, write number one on a piece of paper first. Make sure you decorate the number a little. Then, look at the picture for at least 30 seconds so that it is engraved in your mind. 

2. Games of Clairvoyance

Memory games are an amazing method you can use to start having clearer visions. Line up a stack of cards and turn them over, visualizing them each time. This is a good way to open the chakra. 

The other is the psychic development game. In this, you put down 10 things on a table. Then, you spend your time making a mental image of these objects, the look, 

feel, and texture. It is even better if you note down what you can remember about the objects in vivid details afterward. 

For clairvoyant skills, the Zener card acts as a good tool as well. Ask a partner to help you with this. Look at the card and turn all your attention to the symbol. Then, try to communicate the symbol to your partner telepathically. 

3. Crystals

Crystals have been hailed as important agents to help one develop clairvoyant powers. While you are meditating, you can surround yourself with them or you can keep one close to your forehead when you are sleeping. It is also a good idea to keep the crystals in your pocket. Their weight will remind you that you need to practice your clairvoyant skills. Quartz and lapis lazuli are crystals that have been associated with clairvoyance.

4. Pay Attention to Your Dreams

A dream journal is a crucial part of the experience when you are trying to hone your skills. Many clairvoyants have lucid, psychic dreams that they do not even realize are due to their abilities. When a person is in a dreamlike state, their subconscious rises to the surface and allows the spirit guides to visit them. This is also the time where someone you loved in the spirit world gets a chance to communicate with you. 

When you are preparing for bedtime, arrange a paper, pen, and pad to keep on your nightstand. Then, think of a question that would need an intuitive answer. Keep repeating this question until you fall asleep. Once you are awake, put down anything you can remember about your dream on paper. If you cannot recall a dream at all, just write the things that first entered your mind on waking up. Keep doing this for days until you have the answer to the question you seek. 

5. Meditation 

You simply cannot pick up any kind of psychic abilities without practicing some meditation. It is an act that helps you cleanse your mind and fine-tune your skills. It also helps raise the vibration level, which in turn allows a person to leave behind logic and travel into the dream realm. This is another step that helps open up the third eye chakra. Well, we all know meditation is not easy. A lot of us have tried repeatedly and failed because of our impatience. Well, you must first start by making sure you’re comfortable. Make yourself feel safe and at ease, and then close your eyes. Relax into your body by inhaling deeply. 

Once you feel in your element, visualize the face of someone you love and try to recall as many details as possible. Another way to meditate is to focus on clairvoyance specifically. After you close your eyes, imagine the third eye chakra. In most cases, people think of it as a spinning blast of purple color. This is symbolic of its opening. 

How Is Clairvoyance Related to The Akashic Records?

Do you know what is truly incredible about being able to master your clairvoyant abilities? It’s the fact that once you do master them, you would not only have the ability to see visions relating to past, present, and future, you would also be able to access the Akashic records. Instead of just seeing events related to others, you would be able to read the book of your own life as well. 

What are Akashic Records and why would you want to access it in the first place? The Akashic Records are thought to be this book in an alternate dimension inside a spiritual library. In this book, you will find the records of all your souls, whether in the present, past, or future lives. It will have every thought that ever passed your mind in all your lives, your actions, feelings, and much more. 

As you can tell, it contains a scary amount of information that can be overwhelming. So, most people focus on certain things they specifically want to know when they access the Akashic records. These records are said to have guards known as the Akashic Record Keepers. They are instrumental in guiding individuals who want to access their records to the right page of the book. 

Clairvoyants also use the Record Keeper to access their records and communicate with them quite regularly. Clairvoyants can not only see these but also ask the guides to take away the energy they no longer have use for and record their next step beforehand. These help clairvoyants stay on track and keep the purpose of their soul mind before anything else. However, as a clairvoyant, you have to be incredibly good at communicating and controlling energy to be able to do that. 

Famous Clairvoyants

In the past, there have been clairvoyants who have managed to accomplish these feats and have been considered prophets for their surprisingly accurate predictions. Most of these people also seemed to possess telepathic powers. 

One of the earliest and most famous clairvoyants was the French seer Nostradamus. Along with being a clairvoyant, he was also a physician and astrologer. Even if you have never heard of him, you might have heard of the book Les Prophéties. This book contains a total of 942 mini quatrains, or, to be accurate, prophecies. The book came out in 1555 and, to date, is popular enough never to have gone out of print. 

Since his book and his death, Nostradamus has received an equal amount of support and criticism. Some are amazed at his ability to have predicted so many world events. Academics vehemently state that it was either luck, mistranslation, or the result of predictions so vague in nature that they could apply to anything- thus making it hard to determine whether the prophecies had any weight. 

Then there was Edgar Cayce, who came a little after Nostradamus. This American clairvoyant claimed he could access the Akashic records. Thus, he would answer questions about the world in a meditative state, information on the afterlife, dreams, reincarnation, and so much more. According to Cayce himself, he was capable of consciously connecting with his sub-conscious, which wandered around in the dream realm. All sub-conscious minds are intertwined with each other in this realm. Most people assumed he simply ended up in the library of Akashic records. 

Eventually, Cayce established the Association for Research and Enlightenment, where his readings were stored and inspected. Over time, he got the nickname of The Sleeping Prophet from a biographer. It is also said Cayce was capable of seeing auras and astral projecting. 

The most surprising and exciting of these figures might be the 16th US president, Abraham Lincoln. While he never claimed to have any kind of psychic abilities, he did have vivid dreams which have been well-documented based on people close to him. The scariest of these instances was when a few weeks before his death, he saw he was in the White House with mourners all around him. When he inquired about the death, he was told that the president was assassinated. 

It is said that he would have dreams about being on a boat or ship reaching the shore before achieving a milestone in his life. This dream came to him before the Civil War and also before his own death. 

How to Ignite your Psychic Powers ~ 7.83 Hz!

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