How to contact those who have passed on and your spirit guide!

How to contact those who have passed on and your spirit guide!

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How to contact those who have passed on and your spirit guide! 3

The universe is very strange. There are new things about the universe that the human race is still discovering to date. We are yet to fully explore and understand a fraction of the universe. However, there are a few things we have come to somehow learn and understand. One of them is that we are spiritual beings full of energy. Now, whether this energy is positive or negative, is something that is impossible to answer with a blanket statement. 

We also know that there are beings that exist to help channel us back into and make us one with, the love of the universe. Said beings, albeit with different purposes each, are referred to as spirit guides. For instance, when you are crippled with fear and anxiety, you can turn to your spirit guide to give you strength and return you to a place of confidence and focus. 

Also because we, as humans, are different in our own ways, we are bound to have different spirit guides. For some people, it is deceased loved ones and ancestors, while for others, their spirit guides are faith-based characters such as those in the Bible or Quran. 

How to contact those who have passed on and your spirit guide! 4

Connecting to Your Spirit Guides: Tips

Ask Your Spirit Guide

­Ask for help and guidance

Ask for a sign

It is pretty easy to forget that we are not alone in the world. There exists unseen (to the physical eye) forces all around us. Forces that, in the event of a difficulty, can be called upon to offer guidance. We just need to ask. Do not be afraid to ask your spirit guide for help. Ask them to reveal solutions and signals that you are doing the right thing. 

Listen to Your Spirit Guide

Listen through meditation

Connect to the Akashic Records 7.83 Hz

Be attentive to the guidance or help offered 

Listening and paying attention are important. If you can’t do this, you will miss out on important signals that your spirit guide is trying to give you. One effective way of listening and being attentive is by practicing meditation. It opens you up to a world of possibilities. Once your energy is attuned to that of your spirit guide connection and communication becomes much clearer; opening you to the reception of healthy guidance.

Show Gratitude to Your Spirit Guide

Make an effort to always show gratitude for the love and guidance you are offered by your spirit guide. Demonstrate trust and appreciation rather than neediness and dissatisfaction. What this shows is that you want to be in control yet it should be the opposite. Let your spirit guide take charge and follow their guidance. 

Trust the Process

Do not doubt yourself or the process – even if you feel stupid or awkward doing it. Your spirit guide can sense doubt and this may impact your ability to receive the support you need. We all have some sense of psychic ability. It is just that some are more honed than others – but that’s usually because of years of practice. You just have to trust in yourself and be persistent. 

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How to contact those who have passed on and your spirit guide! 5

Herkimer Diamond Crystal Amplifies Your Body Frequency

A Herkimer Diamond Crystal has many uses among which include harnessing spiritual energy and balancing energies. So, what exactly is a Herkimer Diamond Crystal? Well, this is a crystallized rock, usually referred to as an “attunement stone” to attune to a different person or surroundings. This makes it great for channeling spirit guides and communicating with the departed. 

How Is the Herkimer Diamond Crystal Used?

All Herkimer Diamond Crystals must first be brought and held together. When people split up, everyone carries their own crystal. These people will remain linked wherever they go thanks to the crystals. The same concept applies to linking oneself to a physical location or to a departed person. 

Besides just linking people and physical locations, Herkimer crystals can act as a storage for memories and certain attributes like love and healing which other people can draw whenever needed. 

The crystal is also known to magnify the capabilities of other crystals. For example, it can boost the potency of a smaller energy stone to have similar effects to that of a larger energy stone of the same kind. 

Amplifying Vibrational Frequency with Herkimer Crystals 

In the context of communicating with dead people, Herkimer crystals contain a high vibrational frequency that can be used to amplify the human body’s vibrational frequency. By doing this, the person is able to get rid of blockages to positive energy pathways. The high vibrational frequency stimulates clairvoyant abilities as well as clairaudient abilities. 

These are very powerful enablers of telepathic communication, dimensional shifting, and journeying into expanded realities through dreams and visions. Herkimer’s powerful capabilities make them unsuitable for use with children – much less when they are unsupervised by an adult expert. It has been known to cause disorientation when used or worn for extended periods of time. 

Speak Out Loud

Talking is a simple old-school way of speaking to the dead and channeling spirit guides. It is the most basic method but, like all other forms, it has a method to it. Ideally, in order to be successful, you don’t just start speaking to the dead anywhere and however, you want. 

1. Experts recommend that you first find an image of the dead person with whom you would like to communicate. Having the picture to look at puts your mind in an intensively focused state – perhaps also creating a sense of connection with the dead person.

2. Next, find a quiet place free of distractions. This will help your mind focus on the task at hand. And more importantly, it will also allow you to easily pick up on signs, sounds, and even visuals of the dead person communicating back at you.

3. Start talking to the dead. Talk about anything and ask them anything. As a matter of fact, it is best to start with simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. At this point, you may want to request the dead person to send certain signals for their answers. For example, you can ask them to produce some sound to say ‘yes’ and a different sound for a ‘no’ answer. 

The most important thing is to speak to the departed person just like you would if they were alive. Let your thought flow out freely and do not hold back anything. Try as much as possible to overcome feelings of awkwardness or even embarrassment. Likewise, try to cast aside doubt and notions.

BrainTap Headset Meditation

For many years, meditation has been used to channel spirit guides and talk to deceased people. For a lot of people though, it is easier said than done. More so novices in the modern world where there are distractions in all forms and shapes thanks to a swath of activities in our surrounding environment and increased responsibilities. 

Meditation should not be viewed just as a pastime. In fact, just like diet and exercise, meditation is equally important to our health; mental, physical, and spiritual. It induces relaxation and starts a domino effect from natural detoxification and increased brainpower to heightened self-awareness and consciousness. And what’s the result? You get to enjoy a better quality of life and an incredible feel of fulfillment.

In today’s world, meditation can be achieved through various means; a significant deal of which requires long practice and patience. Fortunately, thanks to advanced technology, anyone can enjoy meditation and even contact spirit guides much faster. One such technology is the revolutionary BrainTap Bluetooth Headset. So, let’s delve a little deeper into what this device does and its potential for aiding in communication with a deceased person.

BrainTap Bluetooth Headset: The Modern Meditation Tool

The BrainTap Bluetooth Headset, developed by BrainTap Technologies, is designed to relay unique sound and light frequencies for brain entrainment. It essentially cuts short the effort of meditation that is typically achieved through years of practice and harnessing discipline. What the headset does is to deliver a heightened sense of deep intuition and mental clarity which allow you to do the following:

Reboot to have stronger memory and brainpower

Relax to attain multiple levels of consciousness

Revitalize to become naturally resilient

Together, these three free you to enter a widened state of self-awareness. They are the ideal pre-requisites for communicating with deceased people and contacting spirit guides.

In regard to mental health, BrainTap Bluetooth Headset is designed to mitigate stress levels as well as anxiety and worry. By doing this, you get to enjoy a sense of mental harmony and emotional stability – which leads you to make better and more informed decisions whilst avoiding the pitfalls of disastrous impulses. 

This device works with the BrainTap app which can be downloaded from the company website. It includes features such as over 700 audio files in nearly 50 categories. It also has an LED visor to help minimize the surrounding distractions. 

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How to contact those who have passed on and your spirit guide! 6

Track Your Brain Waves with the OURA Ring to Enter into the Theta Brain Frequency

Theta brain waves are characterized by light phases of sleep. Think of that state your brain gets in when you are just about to wake up or when you are slowly drifting off to sleep. There are some instances where theta waves have been recorded in fully awake people. Usually, this is when the body and the brain are in a state of deep relaxation which may also likely induce a sense of sluggishness. 

It is believed that theta brain waves help a person recall and make memories as well as process information. For this reason, they are often tapped into in an attempt to channel spirit guides or communicate with the dead; which brings us to the OURA Ring.

The OURA Ring

The OURA Ring is a small wearable stylish device capable of tracking and measuring a host of metrics such as sleep, temperature, movement, heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and so on. In regard to sleep, the OURA ring will tell you just how fast you are reaching theta brain frequency and how long it lasts. To understand this better, let’s briefly discuss REM sleep – also known as paradoxical sleep phase or desynchronized sleep phase. 

When examining brain activity, the REM phase of sleep looks much like that of an awake state. There has been extensive research into brain activity during sleep which has established that REM – in a healthy and normal functioning adult – occurs about four to five times during sleep. Altogether, it has been proven that REM takes up about a quarter of the total sleep. Your OURA ring should give you this. And for all intents and purposes, that is what you should be aiming for. 

On the other hand, non-REM sleep has three stages: two light sleep and one deep sleep. During the light sleep stage, recorded brain waves are the slower alpha waves followed by theta brain waves. This stage is characterized by drowsiness and a state somewhere between being awake and being asleep. Also noted in this stage are brief bursts of brain activity. Once you are hitting theta brain frequency, you being to lose conscious awareness of the physical world – allowing room for spirit guides and communication with deceased people to be initiated. Because research has shown that this stage usually represents around 5 percent of total sleep, it can become incredibly difficult to find it, if you are looking to tap into the spiritual realm. The OURA ring can help you track this suitable state. 


Granted, opening a channel and initiating communication with a deceased person or spirit guide is not a walk in the park. It typically takes several attempts and a number of sessions. As a matter of fact, you may have to try several entities in the event that the original spirit is not available along the astrological plane. One thing for sure though is that persistency and a genuine willingness to focus, ask, listen, understand, and believe, will certainly go a long way. 

How to contact those who have passed on and your spirit guide!

By, Brian Rose Founder of KIYA Longevity

As a Biohacker, I completely submerged myself in neural enhancement, receiving training in a Neuro Performance Program with Vitanya Brain Performance, and completing Vipassana, a 10-day Silent Meditation Retreat. These experiences trained my brain to change its frequency from Alpha to Beta and taught me how to move energy within my body to benefit my mind.  


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