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Can Crystals Amplify Your Body’s Frequency?

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Can Crystals Amplify Your Body's Frequency? 5

What if we could control the way our body works through sound waves? What if we could change the way we think through frequencies? This question now has an answer. Research shows that each organ, each muscle, each cell of the human body has a frequency associated with it. These are called natural frequencies of the body. If they fall in the optimum range of what they should be, then the body remains stable. Not just the human body, but each material in this universe has a frequency associated with it. A solid surface is solid because its constituent atoms are vibrating at such a high level, the object becomes a solid.

The manipulation of these frequencies changes the nature of the substances. Similarly, changing the frequencies of a particular human body part will result in the changing of its nature. A change in its properties, which can make a world of difference.

These frequencies are not just for the body parts and organs. They also tend to guide our basic emotions. The emotions which are part of the human subconscious can be changed by changing a small factor like frequency. Emotions such as anger, sadness, happiness, fear, and shame can be modified to what we want by simply tampering properly with the frequencies that they have.

What can a frequency change with Crystals do?

It can change your mind to think laterally. It can change your negative point of view of something to a positive impact. On the outside, individual body parts that are not functioning the way they should be can be corrected most overtly and subtly possible.

If you do not believe in the fact that frequencies can govern the way our entire body works, then ask any doctor who performs an ultrasound test or an X-ray what they are doing. The waves which the state of the art machines generate to cure us all do it by changing the unnatural frequencies back to natural frequencies. The pharmaceutical and medicine businesses generate thousands of dollars just by doing something which is, deep down, just a simple concept of nature.

Can the process be made simpler?

Is there a simpler way to do exactly what the big machines of medicine are doing? Well, the answer lies in gemstones. These gemstones act as the saving stars on Earth, which are capable of doing something unimaginable. Gemstones affect the most important part of our body. The part responsible for all the functioning and our thinking. The part which is responsible for our very personality. The brain. The brain has what is called “brainwaves,” which are responsible for everything we do.

These waves have the natural frequency of the brain that was discussed before. Particular gemstones can be used to change all the facets of the mind. Some gemstones can reduce one’s anger, increase the positive mindset, etc. The change of a gemstone may not seem like a big deal, but the science of it is sound. Gemstones have the property to bring the natural frequency back from the wayward. 

How does this happen? Gemstones can trap the frequency waves inside their structure. Once trapped, the waves bounce back and forth, which changes their power and in turn, their frequency. There is a whole calculation about how much the power changes and how much the frequency is affected, but those calculations all pinpoint the same fact. The correct piece of gem or gemstone can transform one’s life. The change happens seamlessly, but effectively. Does the question arise how to know which gem is the gem to be used?

Crystals Amplify Your Body's Frequency
Can Crystals Amplify Your Body's Frequency? 6

The answer to Can Crystals Amplify Your Body’s Frequency

The answer lies with Ashur and Company, which sell Hermiker Diamonds. This company provides the utter best service and guides one to the correct gem or stone for your ailment, be it mental or physical. With designs that are made to impress and features which are not to be found in the market anywhere, Ashur and Company is a solution to most questions you have about your body.

The actual reason for this is the Hermiker diamonds, which is their main sale. These diamonds have the power to transform the energy of one’s aura to such an extent, which may solve most problems that stem from the mind. How it does so is by amplifying the waves and frequencies in the body.

This amplification results in an increase in the level of certain properties of one’s personality, which ends up being what the person was lacking, to begin with. A boost of confidence, a pinch of determination and a solution to ailments are what the magic of Hermiker diamonds can do.

People nowadays undergo major transformations in their personalities due to the external factors which surround them. These factors end up changing the beautiful person inside to an injured and disturbed person. Subtle changes to remedy themselves are what people are craving for.

These diamonds have the power to provide those changes. Do not mistake them for an easy way out to your problems, because they provide one with the power to face their problems. Such power helps people to tackle themselves better and solve their problems. All issues originate from the big part of our body known as the brain. The one who has the power to control the functioning of this organ has the power to face any issues that may come their way. Ranging from controlling your anger issues to your back pain, gemstones are the new method of solving your problems indirectly and discreetly.

Keeping in mind the requirements of the customers and the people in general, Ashur and Company is a smart and easy company to take help from in the journey of finding one’s will to face the innate issues they are suffering from.

Crystals Amplify Your Body's Frequency
Can Crystals Amplify Your Body's Frequency? 7

Can Crystals Amplify Your Body’s Frequency?

By, Brian Rose Founder of KIYA Longevity

As a Biohacker, I completely submerged myself in neural enhancement, receiving training in a Neuro Performance Program with Vitanya Brain Performance, and completing Vipassana, a 10-day Silent Meditation Retreat. These experiences trained my brain to change its frequency from Alpha to Beta and taught me how to move energy within my body to benefit my mind.   


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