6 Impressive Benefits of the Vibrant Wellness Neurotransmitters Panel

Your body depends on neurotransmitters to send messages throughout the body, from nerve cells to other nerves, muscles, and glands. They’re critical for basic functions, like keeping your heart beating or moving your limbs. Issues with your neurotransmitters can result in a wide range of symptoms since they work via the nervous system, which controls everything from the mind to the muscles.

If you’re experiencing unexplainable symptoms, like mood disorders, insomnia, weight gain, or migraines, a Vibrant Wellness Neurotransmitter Health Test could provide answers. Here’s how it works, as well as the impressive benefits you can expect.


How Does the Neurotransmitters Panel Work?

The Neurotransmitters panel requires four urine samples. By getting a sample from each part of the day, Vibrant America Lab Tests can provide a complete snapshot of the neurotransmitters throughout your body.

The lab tests for 30 different markers, including neurotransmitters and amino acids. These markers can act as building blocks for neurotransmitter synthesis or have neurotransmitter-like properties. Some of the markers are also precursors, metabolites, and end products of metabolism. This provides a comprehensive picture of your neurotransmitter function so we can understand exactly where imbalances arise.

The Neurotransmitters Health Test also covers a mixture of inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitters. Lab technicians analyze the ratio of these analytes to get a greater understanding of enzyme activity, as well as potential genetic influences or nutrient imbalances.

Lastly, the test covers diurnal rhythms for norepinephrine, epinephrine, and creatinine. This gives us four points of reference to assess how these markers vary throughout the day, offering a truly complete picture.

Why Choose Vibrant Wellness Neurotransmitters Tests?

1.   The Gold Standard

Vibrant Wellness uses gold standard methodology for each Neurotransmitters Health Test. Vibrant America Lab Tests technicians use liquid chromatography (LC) – a technique that allows them to separate the compounds from each sample before identifying, analyzing, and quantifying the compounds with mass spectrometry (MS).

This powerful technique ensures you get accurate and complete results. Plus, all tests are completed in a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited lab, which ensures that your test results meet and exceed industry standards for clinical lab testing.

2.   Valid for All Ages

This test is for people of all ages. Vibrant Wellness tested and statistically analyzed 192 random healthy control samples to determine normal neurotransmitter levels. These reference ranges allow the lab to properly test people under 10, ages 11 to 14, and those over 15. No matter your age, the Neurotransmitters panel can provide answers.

3.   Non-Invasive Nervous System Insight

Depending on your symptoms and conditions, there are a variety of diagnostic tests your doctor could order to analyze your nervous system function. That includes tests like MRIs, arteriograms, electromyography, and spinal taps. These tests range from completely non-invasive to requiring surgery. Each requires a visit to the hospital.

In comparison, the Vibrant Wellness Neurotransmitters Test is easy and non-invasive. You can complete it from the comfort of your home. Just provide a few simple urine tests and get robust results.

4.   A Complete Snapshot

People experience imbalances in neurotransmitters due to a huge range of factors. It can be hard to narrow them down. With the Neurotransmitter Health Test, you can learn exactly where the issues are occurring within the neurotransmitter pathways since the test assesses all aspects of neurotransmitter synthesis and metabolism. This allows you and your doctor to create a custom plan for your unique problem.

5.   No More Guesswork

Even in modern medicine, the majority of doctors depend on general diagnosis when dealing with mental and neurological conditions. They’ll ask about your history of symptoms, perhaps run a test or two to rule out physical conditions, and provide a few conditions that could fit your situation.

This means you’re subject to a “trial and error” approach when facing mental conditions. You might be put on one medication to see if it works, only to switch to another when it doesn’t. You can skip the guesswork and get immediate answers with Vibrant Wellness Neurotransmitters Health Tests. Learn exactly where your neurotransmitters are imbalanced so you can get a custom plan for your body.

6.   Medication Efficacy

You can also use the Neurotransmitters Health Test to check whether your medications are working. For example, if your doctor has prescribed medication to balance your levels of serotonin or dopamine, this test can help you determine whether those levels are normal. If not, it may be time to talk to your doctor about changing your plan.

You can also use the test for assistance with weaning off of medication. As you lower your dose, you can test for the levels of neurotransmitters in your system over time. By monitoring your levels, you can ensure that you don’t experience any huge change in how you feel.

Neurotransmitters play a critical role in your body’s ability to function. The first step in taking control of your wellness is learning where you stand. Get a Vibrant Wellness Neurotransmitters Health Test today.