Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Test Strips

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Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Test Strip Used Worldwide by Olympians & Elite Athletes. Take Control of Your Heart Health Measure, Manage, & Optimize Blood Flow & Oxygen Delivery in Your Body. Get 15% off with the coupon code Berkeleylife while supplies last.



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Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Test Strips

Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Test Strip: Trusted Worldwide by Olympians & Elite Athletes.

Take charge of your heart health – Measure, Manage, & Optimize Blood Flow & Oxygen Delivery in Your Body.

Saliva Nitric Oxide Test Strips for Quick and Non-invasive Monitoring:

  • Convenient and easy-to-use test strips for checking nitric oxide levels in saliva.
  • Disposable and ideal for single use, containing 50 strips.
  • Boost Oxygen and Nutrient Delivery for Total Body Health.

Benefits of Increasing Nitric Oxide Levels:

The proprietary dietary nitrate blend provides the plant-based bioequivalents of multiple daily doses of nitrate-rich leafy green vegetables or beetroot.

How to Use Saliva Nitric Oxide Test Strips:

Strips are for single use only; avoid putting the test pad end in the mouth and keep out of reach of children.

The test strip indicates nitrite levels in saliva, a proven precursor to nitric oxide in serum.

Testing Instructions:

  • Test at any time during the day without consuming anything 10 minutes before testing.
  • Allow a minimum of 1 to 2 hours after a nitrate-high meal or supplement before testing.
  • Place the "saliva here" side of the test strip on your tongue for 5 seconds.
  • Fold the strip over and gently press the two sides together.
  • Separate and compare the color on the test pad to the nitric oxide scale provided on the Berkeley Test pack.

Safety Information:

Strips are for single use only; do not put the test pad end in the mouth. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Information


Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Test Strips

Results in Just 15 Seconds

Our swift and non-invasive test is both quick and straightforward.

Convenient Testing at Home or the Office

Take the test whenever it suits you — wherever you are.

Before and After Dietary Nitrates

Witness the impact of supplements in 90 minutes or less.

Insights into Your NO Journey

Monitor your levels regularly and stay well-informed.

Nitric Oxide Bolsters Overall Health

Nitric Oxide plays a crucial role in healthy blood flow, heart function, blood pressure, and oxygen delivery. Elevating NO levels can contribute to a proper arousal response and promote healthy sexual function in both men and women.

Promotes Gut Health

Scientific evidence indicates that maintaining sufficient Nitric Oxide levels can help sustain gastrointestinal health.

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