Hemorheology is the science of studying blood flow and the components that make up our blood, such as plasma and cells.

To stay healthy, blood must flow robustly to all areas of our body.  For this to happen, it must be unencumbered in all of our blood vessels, big and small. 

Drinking water makes us healthier because  it improves blood circulation, leads to increased waste production, and facilitates toxin removal from our body. 

The magic of green tea is that it can widen the blood vessels in our body. The wider the blood vessels, the better the blood flow and circulation is enhanced. .

Caffeine and sugar negatively affect our circulation and should be avoided.  Caffeine causes narrowing of blood vessels, and excessive sugar intake can lead to diabetes. Diabetes can damage blood vessels and lead to poor cirulation. 

Blood donation may help reduce the chance of getting cancer. This is similar to how donating blood helps with excess iron levels (hemochromatosis).

When a person donates blood, they eliminate excessive deposits of iron in the body. This keeps certain heart and liver conditions in check, which can be caused by high iron content. 

Regularly donating blood is not only altruistic and can help other people, it can also lead to weight loss. 

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