The Human Body Emits Bioluminescence Energy

Multiple Blue Rings

For years it has been suspected that humans possess bioluminescence, the ability to produce and emit light. However, it has been difficult to prove. Newer research shows that humans actually produce light, but it is a low level that cannot be seen with the naked human eye, only with specialized cameras. 

Biophotons are light particies generated within the body of a living organism and constantly radiate from the body's surface. Many living beings share metabolic processes, and thus produce biophotons as a byproduct.

Our bodies have different layers. Prana is the layer lying between mind and body. Prana is the key to life, an electromagnetic fuel that revitalizes every cell and tissue of the body.

Various studies have found that the emission of light particles (biophotons) or the phenomenon of bioluminescence, can be altered with intention.  Similarly, biophotons emitted from the body during focussed intention can interact with other photons located outside of the body.

Biophotons are thought to be equivalent to Qi energy, a concept used in yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, or traditional Chinese medicine.

Crystals can profoundly impact humans’ unstable energies. They work by channelizing energy levels focussing on healing from the inside (mind, body, and soul). Crystals act as a magnet that absorbs negative energy from the body and infuses positive energy.

Studies have proven that the emission of biophotons by humans is linked to the free radicals generated by metabolic processes. This emission of biophotons by human skin is the basis for many healing methods or alternative medicine.

The emission of biophotons can be controlled by focussed intent, the method most healers and meditators use.