Teletherapy and Naturopathic Mental Health

Virtual mental health support, often called telehealth or teletherapy, plays an integral role in the growing need for mental health support.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it new concerns about economic instability, job security and our health. These new stressors have negatively impacted our mental health, creating a need for more mental health resources. 

An increase in secure telehealth platforms has allowed healthcare and mental health providers to reach patients in new ways, such as the communication options utilized by KIYA Longevity:

- Exchanging messages with your health consultant - Chatting live with your health consultant - Speaking over the phone with your health consultant - Video conferencing with your health consultant

Teletherapy is also a wonderful medium for naturopathic and complementary mental health support.  It includes treatments like sound therapy, guided meditations, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and hypnotherapy.

Convenience is a big upside when utilizing teletherapy. You can sit at your desk, in the kitchen, or even on your bed for your visit. An appointment can be completed on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

When a patient reaches out for support, such as in the case of KIYA Longevity, a health consultant is able to learn about you, your concerns, history, and goals.

Through the telehealth platform, health consultants are able to provide support, education, and solutions for mental health patients struggling with their symptoms.

Through teletherapy, both counseling and guidance are possible. A virtual visit allows a practitioner to talk a client through nutritional tips, stress management, and hormonal balancing.

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