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Besides the apparent pleasurable experience, there are scientifically proven benefits of engaging in regular sexual intercourse.

Regular sexual activity impacts a person’s immune system directly. It is believed that sexual activity improves a person’s defense mechanisms to fight off pathogens.

Researchers found that men who had between four and seven ejaculations per week had their risk of developing prostate cancer reduced by about 36 percent.

Frequent orgasms in men to a 50 percent lowered likelihood of mortality risk – regardless of age, smoking status, and social class.

A strong pelvic floor has the upside of better pain relief and management experienced by women during sex.

Low libido can be improved by having more sex. It boasts a woman’s vaginal lubrication, tissue elasticity, and blood flow to the vagina, and all of these combined result in a better sexual experience and libido in general.

Engaging in regular sexual activity has been found to have a direct impact on lowered systolic blood pressure.

One study linked regular sex to a 50 percent reduced risk of heart disease in men. The study defined “regular sex” as more than two times every week.

Once you orgasm during sexual intercourse, one of the hormones released into the bloodstream is prolactin. Most people have an easier time falling asleep after sexual activity.

Physical contact such as touching and hugging and the emotional bonding that often accompany sexual activity leads to the production of “feel-good’ chemicals in the body.

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