Meditation: A Key To Longevity

Meditation is a method of concentrating on a sound, image, vision, or expression to improve the perception of the present moment, alleviate discomfort, facilitate relaxing, and stimulate personal and spiritual development.

Let’s review some of the medically proven benefits of mindfulness as it relates to common illnesses

1. Blood Sugar Lowering:

Diabetes is an auto-immune disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. Diabetes self-care and mindfulness activities require patience and dedication. Yet, the incentives for both are worth the effort.

To reduce blood pressure, a person should sit quietly and shut the eyes for 20 minutes, twice a day, to obtain a level of relaxation of mind and body.

2. Blood Pressure Lowering:

3.Weight Loss

Meditation decreases the levels of cortisol and C-reactive protein in our bodies.  This leads to weight reduction and decreased inflammation, leading to improved health.

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4. Immune System

Immunity is highly associated with one’s mental health. Having a healthy and strong mind leads to a stronger immune system. This helps us fight off infection and maintain a healthy body . 

Doing mindfulness meditation every day improves brain executive skills, cognitive abilities, and capacity to regulate strong emotional reactions.

5. Cognitive Brain Enhancement

6. Cancer

Meditation can provide numerous advantages for individuals dealing with cancer, and many cancer clinics are already providing this therapy. 

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Meditation is an easy activity that anyone can do on their own in 5-10 minutes .

For more information about meditation, please review this article.