How Laughter Heals the Body :)

Laughter is natural medicine used as humor therapy to benefit both the mind and body. It has been used for years to treat chronic conditions and psychiatric illnesses.

Humor therapy encouages you to find ways that make you smile or laugh. It is so effective hospitals have adopted this treatment for their pediatric patients.

Humor Therapy

Self-induced laughter

Simulated laughter is triggered by oneself at will (self-induced, self-initiated, voluntary), with no specific reason (purposeful, unconditional).

Spontaneous laughter

Spontaneous laughter occurs when you find something funny, and you spontaneously react by smiling or laughing out loud.

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Laughter  

Immunity-Boosting Effect

Studies show that allergic patients have fewer allergic reactions after watching humorous movies.

Spend more time with friends or people who make you laugh. Make an effort to share jokes with them to prolong your laughter time.

One study concluded that there are more chances of survival till 70 years in participants whose lives involve more humor.

Promotes Longevity

Humor therapy clearly works.  Think of clowns walking around hospitals to cheer up the sick children.

Strengthens Social Bonds

Laughter is contagious, and if you are spreading or sharing a burst of laughter with your friends or family, it will strengthen your relationship and form a long-lasting bond.

Heals the Brain

Laughter heals the brain by stimulating the release of mood-enhancing neurochemicals. Patients with chronic illnesses might get overwhelmed due to which anxiety, stress, and worry making the illness worse.

A popular remedy to treat spiritual, physical, and psychological illnesses with induced laughter. This shows similar benefits to spontaneous laughter.

Laughter Yoga

Many people are using laughter therapy or laughter yoga to impact their lives positively, treat their chronic conditions, and improve overall health.