Biohacking for a Healthy Mind and Body


Biohacking is naturally manipulating the brain and body to promote health, longevity, and recovery while also optimizing performance.

Plenty of age-old techniques such as meditation and fasting can be considered basic biohacking techniques. Going to a spin class and taking antidepressants also fall into this category. 

A common biohack is called the young blood transfusion. It occurs when an older person pays for a young person’s blood and has it pumped into his veins to prevent aging.

Nootropics are substances in supplements, food, or beverage form used to increase cognitive function. They improve your mood, focus, and productivity. 

Caffeine is a well-known productivity booster and nootropic. If you don’t use it already, begin with an 8 ounce serving of black coffee or green tea, or a caffeinated food like dark chocolate.

An Elimination Diet is done to determine if certain foods are causing your symptoms.  Step 1: completely remove the food in question from your diet,  Step 2:  slowly reintroduce the food into your diet after two weeks and see if your symptoms return

Intermittent fasting comes with a ton of health benefits, and does not impact metabolism or muscle mass. 

When trying intermittent fasting, one should focus on whole, nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, healthy fats, lean proteins, and healthy carbs. 

This will not only improve your overall health, but the balanced nutrition you get from such a diet will ensure you don’t end up hungry while fasting, or experience nutritional deficiencies.

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