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7 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider a Telehealth Consultation

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75% of American patients are using, or interested in,  telehealth appointments. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to make in-person appointments daunting and risky. Telehealth is an easy and convenient solution.

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1. Telehealth Is Perfect for Modern Lifestyles The average American has only four hours of free time per week. This makes it exceptionally difficult to fit in doctor appointments.

2. Telehealth Helps Keep Patients Safe Telehealth allows patients to maintain their regular appointment schedules without risking new infections, even during pandemics.

3. Telehealth Saves Time Patients using telehealth consultations do not have to: – Travel to and from appointments – Take time off from work to go to appointments

4. Telehealth Saves Money Telehealth is cheaper for patients and providers. Patients save money by not driving or paying for other transportation to and from appointments.

5. Telehealth Consultations Grant Everyone Access To Doctors Regardless of where you live, telehealth allows you to  schedule necessary appointments with any doctor of your choosing.

6. Telehealth Is Well-Suited to Most Conditions Telehealth may be the best option for patients who need short but frequent visits, such as those managing chronic conditions like diabetes.

7. Convenient Nearly three-quarters of patients rank convenience as a top priority in health care. Most rank it far above the ability to see their health consultants in person.

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