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Welcome to KIYA Longevity’s Immune System Consultation.  Our immune system is crucial to our health because it is responsible for fighting every type of infections, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi.  Some of the most common infections include the common cold, flu, RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), and COVID-19, all of which are viruses.  Most viruses do not have a specific treatment (i.e. antibiotics) therefore it is essential we boost and support our immune system to empower it to conquer such infections.

Here at KIYA we are aware that our bodies are very complex, and this certainly includes the immune system.  Our Immune System consultation is designed to identify all of the factors that contribute to your immunity.  This includes diet, gut health, and even our emotional state.  At the end of your virtual visit, you will receive a tailored protocol created just for you, designed to create optimal immunity.

Each 45-minute consultation is only $84.00. Simply pay when booking your appointment.

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