Hypnosis for Childbirth

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Welcome to KIYA Longevity’s online health consultations, we’ll begin getting to know you & your health. The more we know about your health history, lifestyle, genetics, and symptoms, the more we understand what makes you, you. In-depth Testing & Analysis, we provide specialty testing like the microbiome, food sensitivity, and cortisol testing give you a deeper look at different aspects of your health and help uncover the cause of a persistent symptom. You’ll receive your tailored protocol, created by your Naturopathic Doctor, which includes recommendations on nutrition and movement, lifestyle adjustments, supplements, and more. Each 45-minute consultation is 84.00, simply pay at the time of your appointment.

STEP 1 Simply choose a program that aligns with your health needs.

STEP 2 Pick a Provider, click on Meet Our Team to learn more about each of our consultants.

STEP 3 Select the best day and time that is convenient, then click Request Appointment.

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