Gluten Wheat Zoomer – Home Health Test




What Patients Would Benefit From the Vibrant Wheat Zoomer?

Signs and symptoms of gluten or wheat sensitivity:

Suspected intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome)

Gastrointestinal inflammation (diarrhea or constipation; cramping; nausea; discomfort after eating)

Headaches, including migraines

Neurological symptoms (memory loss, balance problems, numbness, tingling, anxiety)

Skin rashes

Joint pain

Diagnoses of autoimmune conditions

Low vitamin D status

Multiple food sensitivities

Excessive fatigue after meals

Providing the most comprehensive and sensitive assessment of gluten and wheat sensitivity.

With 3Dense technology, it is the only highly sensitive peptide-based array able to test for reactivity to over 33,000 peptides in

wheat and gluten. By testing at the peptide level, we eliminate the common drawbacks of other food sensitivity tests that are confounded by

water-soluble protein limitations, whole protein or extract cross-reactivity, and cooked vs raw effects on proteolysis.

Also included are complimentary consultations with our highly qualified staff that will help to understand your results and implement the most effective management plans possible.


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