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Breastfeeding your baby comes with numerous benefits including lower rates of childhood cancer, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, respiratory infections and allergies.  However, breastfeeding can be challenging, and complicated by: poor latching, low milk supply, and baby-led nursing strikes.  We know how difficult this can be for mothers and are here to help.

The KIYA Longevity Breastfeeding consultation was designed to help mothers who are struggling to breastfeed their babies.  During your 45-minute virtual visit with us you will meet with a naturopathic doctor who will help identify your unique hurdles related to breastfeeding, and how to overcome them.  We will provide you will a tailored protocol that can include the following elements:

  • Herbal medicine (fenugreek, fennel seeds, e.g.)
  • Breast massage to increase prolactin levels
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Diet suggestions

Each 45-minute consultation is only $84.00, simply pay at the time of booking your appointment.

STEP 1 Choose a program that aligns with your health needs.

STEP 2 Pick a Provider, click on Meet Our Team to learn more about each of our consultants.

STEP 3 Select the best day and time that is convenient, then click Request Appointment.

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