Blood Pressure Consultations

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Nearly half of adults in America have high blood pressure. That’s approximately 108 million people!  Elevated blood pressure is a big deal because it can lead to strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, dementia and kidney damage if untreated.

The KIYA Longevity Blood Pressure consultation was created so that we can get to know your unique story and individual factors that contribute to your high blood pressure. Our goal is to decrease the top number of your blood pressure (systolic) by 10-15 points (mm Hg). We are able to accomplish this by:

  • Using natural supplements
  • Optimzing sleep
  • Meditiation
  • Lifestyle changes: exercise, dietary changes

At the end of your 45-minute virtual visit you will have a tailored protocol created by your healthcare professional.

Each consultation is only $84.00, simply pay when you book your appointment.

STEP 1 Simply choose a program that aligns with your health needs.

STEP 2 Pick a Provider, click on Meet Our Team to learn more about each of our consultants.

STEP 3 Select the best day and time that is convenient, then click Request Appointment.

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