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20% Affiliate Program

The  KIYA Longevity Affiliate Program offers a competitive way to turn your site’s traffic into legitimate revenue. Promote a brand that features endorsements from top celebrity and sports figures, and give your visitors the opportunity to discover some of the best products available. From our top-selling Programs, Courses, Academy, Supplements: Neuro Performance to our Limitless Sleep, and Body & Brian Cleanse, we feature a large inventory perfect for any audience. 

Requirements for Acceptance:

Applicants must have an established website and/or social media following over 3,000 followers. No coupon or offer sites. Each application will be reviewed within 72 hours.

We Value Our Partners

It’s all about Honoring hard-working Affiliate contributions. Recognizing your value as part of a strong Affiliate Salesforce. Affiliates are an integral part of our business and help as many people as we can. Join us!

We focus on: Serving the Customer, the Health Consultants, and Affiliates!

Successful partnering with our Affiliates to understand the motivations and stressors experienced by Customers, Health Consultants, and Affiliates. We strive to nurture the relationships and our best to support our partners by paying above-market commissions.


Promptly send sales leads to the Independent Salesforce.

Send sales and commission reports on a regular basis.

Notifying Affiliates of any shipping or inventory delays.

Listen to Customers, the Health Consultants, and Affiliates, they are on the front line and have their finger on the pulse of the market.

Share best the practices learned by our partners!


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