6 Compelling Advantages of the Vibrant Wellness Inflammation Advanced Test

Inflammation is a normal bodily process – it can help heal injuries, fight off foreign invaders, and clean up debris. However, inflammation is meant to be a short-term response. When it’s chronic, it can lead to major disorders, including asthma, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer.

There is an upside: you have some control over inflammation via your diet. A variety of foods can cause inflammation in the body, especially if you have a sensitivity. The Vibrant Wellness Inflammation Advanced Health Tests can help you understand your reactivity to all the major inflammatory foods, including wheat, corn, dairy, and more. In this article, we’ll discuss how it works and why Vibrant America Lab Tests are superior.

Inflammation Advanced Test

What is Vibrant Wellness Inflammation Advanced?

The standard American diet is pro-inflammatory. The majority of people are regularly consuming foods that we know are linked to inflammation, like ultra-processed products. Still, these products can affect everyone differently and lead to symptoms with unclear sources, like muscle aches, joint pain, migraines, and nausea.

Rather than cutting out all potentially triggering foods via an elimination diet or covering up symptoms with medication, you can learn the root cause of your symptoms with Inflammation Advanced. This bundle just requires a few simple blood tests. From there, Vibrant America Lab Tests technicians use industry-standard testing to analyze your samples and provide a detailed report.

With this bundle, you test all of the common food sensitivities. That includes the following tests:

  • Corn Zoomer
  • Wheat Zoomer
  • Dairy Zoomer
  • Lectin Zoomer
  • Food Sensitivity 96
  • Total Immunoglobulin
Inflammation Advanced Test1

Vibrant Wellness Inflammation Advanced Advantages

Each test included in Inflammation Advanced serves a specific purpose and provides major benefits. Let’s take a look at each.

1.   Total Immunoglobulin

Immunoglobulins are immune-mediated reactions. In other words, these are hypersensitive reactions to one or more foods or foreign proteins. Technicians can determine what type of hypersensitivity you have based on which types of immunoglobulins participate in the reaction. This is how we determine whether you have an intolerance, sensitivity, or more severe allergy.

Additionally, this test detects the levels of antibodies which are specific to each type of foreign substance. So, this test allows us to determine exactly what’s causing the reaction. For example, it allows us to differentiate between a casein allergy and a whey allergy.

2.   Wheat Zoomer

The Vibrant Wellness Wheat Zoomer is the most accurate and exhaustive test of its kind. It tests for a variety of issues and sensitivities, including celiac, leaky gut (intestinal permeability), wheat germ sensitivity, gluten sensitivity, gluten-induced autoimmunity, and non-gluten wheat sensitivity. With this test, you get a holistic view of all aspects of gluten, as well as how your body reacts to each, providing you with a comprehensive understanding.

3.   Corn Zoomer

Corn is often used as a replacement grain in gluten-free foods. People who’ve determined that they’re allergic or sensitive to wheat tend to consume corn heavily as they adjust to their new lifestyle. However, corn can also be inflammatory. It’s important to understand your body’s response before making any big changes to your diet – the Corn Zoomer will provide these answers.

4.   Lectin Zoomer

Lectins are found in a variety of everyday foods, including certain grains, beans, and veggies. There is some research showing that lectins may have adverse effects, including the ability to transport bacterial endotoxins across the epithelial barrier into your peripheral tissues.

Lectins may cause GI discomfort and nutrient malabsorption and are linked to arthritis and connective tissue disorders. This test can tell you exactly which lectins you’re sensitive to, whether that’s corn lectins, lentil lectins, or something else.

5.   Dairy Zoomer

Dairy sensitivities or intolerances aren’t always obvious, since symptoms can be mild and occur hours or days after consumption. In fact, some people say they eat dairy and feel “totally fine” simply because feeling fatigued and waking up with aching joints is part of their everyday norm.

The Dairy Zoomer provides answers to these mysterious symptoms. It includes an assessment of the full spectrum of all possible immune responses to cow’s milk dairy. From there, you and your doctor can determine whether you need to eliminate this inflammatory food immediately, or whether you can try healing your gut and reintroducing it later.

6.   Food Sensitivity 96

Inflammation Advanced also includes Vibrant Wellness Food Sensitivity 96. This test provides an analysis of your reactivity to 96 commonly consumed foods. So, even if wheat, corn, and dairy aren’t an issue for you, you can rest assured that you’ll find answers.

Whether you’re dealing with mysterious aches and pains or a more severe condition, the best time to act is now. By getting the Vibrant Wellness Inflammation Advanced bundle, you’ll find answers to what’s causing your inflammation. From there, your provider can create a plan to correct the root cause so you can start feeling better right away.


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